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Frishberg, A. et al.: Mature neutrophils and a NF-κB-to-IFN transition determine the unifying disease recovery dynamics in COVID-19. Cell Rep. Med. 3:100652 (2022)
Wesolowska-Andersen, A.* et al.: Four groups of type 2 diabetes contribute to the etiological and clinical heterogeneity in newly diagnosed individuals: An IMI DIRECT study. Cell Rep. Med. 3:100477 (2022)
Erener, S. et al.: Deletion of pancreas-specific miR-216a reduces beta-cell mass and inhibits pancreatic cancer progression in mice. Cell Rep. Med. 2:100434 (2021)
Lange, M.* et al.: AdipoAtlas: A reference lipidome for human white adipose tissue. Cell Rep. Med. 2:100407 (2021)
Baloni, P.* et al.: Metabolic network analysis reveals altered bile acid synthesis and metabolism in Alzheimer's Disease. Cell Rep. Med. 1:100138 (2020)