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Bijari, K.* ; Valera, G. ; López-Schier, H. & Ascoli, G.A.*: Quantitative neuronal morphometry by supervised and unsupervised learning. STAR Protoc. 2:100867 (2021)
Breunig, M.* et al.: Differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into pancreatic duct-like organoids. STAR Protoc. 2:100913 (2021)
Greulich, F.* ; Mechtidou, A. ; Horn, T. & Uhlenhaut, N.H.: Protocol for using heterologous spike-ins to normalize for technical variation in chromatin immunoprecipitation. STAR Protoc. 2:100609 (2021)
Heilmann, S.* ; Semb, H. & Nyeng, P.*: Quantifying spatial position in a branched structure in immunostained mouse tissue sections. STAR Protoc. 2:100806 (2021)
Herzig, S. & Schmidt, S.F.: Purification of GFP-tagged nuclei from frozen livers of INTACT mice for RNA- and ATAC-sequencing. STAR Protoc. 2:100805 (2021)
Madhavan, B.K.* et al.: A laser-mediated photo-manipulative toolbox for generation and real-time monitoring of DNA lesions. STAR Protoc. 2:100700 (2021)
Nyeng, P.* ; Dela Cruz, G.V.* & Semb, H.: Flow cytometry detection of surface and intracellular antigens in pancreas from a single mouse embryo. STAR Protoc. 2:100636 (2021)
Yazgili, A.S. et al.: In-gel proteasome assay to determine the activity, amount, and composition of proteasome complexes from mammalian cells or tissues. STAR Protoc. 2:100526 (2021)
Bheda, P. et al.: Microfluidics for single-cell lineage tracking over time to characterize transmission of phenotypes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. STAR Protoc. 1:100228 (2020)