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Behrens, T.* et al.: Occupational exposure to nickel and hexavalent chromium and the risk of lung cancer in a pooled analysis of case-control studies (SYNERGY). Int. J. Cancer 152, 645-660 (2023)
Buergy, D.* et al.: Stereotactic body radiotherapy of adrenal metastases-A dose-finding study. Int. J. Cancer 151, 412-421 (2022)
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Finke, I.* et al.: Small-area analysis on socioeconomic inequalities in cancer survival for 25 cancer sites in Germany. Int. J. Cancer 149, 561-572 (2021)
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Tawk, B.* et al.: Tumor DNA-methylome derived epigenetic fingerprint identifies HPV-negative head and neck patients at risk for locoregional recurrence after postoperative radiochemotherapy. Int. J. Cancer, DOI: 10.1002/ijc.33842 (2021)
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Bogner, E.-M. et al.: miR-34a is upregulated in AIP-mutated somatotropinomas and promotes octreotide resistance. Int. J. Cancer 147, 3523-3538 (2020)
Bossé, Y.* et al.: Transcriptome-wide association study reveals candidate causal genes for lung cancer. Int. J. Cancer 146, 1862-1878 (2020)
Gerke, J.S.* et al.: Integrative clinical transcriptome analysis reveals TMPRSS2-ERG dependency of prognostic biomarkers in prostate adenocarcinoma. Int. J. Cancer 146, 2036-2046 (2020)
Sato, M. et al.: Loss of the cystine/glutamate antiporter in melanoma abrogates tumor metastasis and markedly increases survival rates of mice. Int. J. Cancer 147, 3224-3235 (2020)
Yin, S.* et al.: SI-CLP inhibits the growth of mouse mammary adenocarcinoma by preventing recruitment of tumor-associated macrophages. Int. J. Cancer 146, 1396-1408 (2020)
Stangl, S. et al.: Heat shock protein 70 and tumor-infiltrating NK cells as prognostic indicators for patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck after radiochemotherapy: A multicentre retrospective study of the German Cancer Consortium Radiation Oncology Group (DKTK-ROG). Int. J. Cancer 142, 1911-1925 (2018)
von Neubeck, B. et al.: An inhibitory antibody targeting carbonic anhydrase XII abrogates chemoresistance and significantly reduces lung metastases in an orthotopic breast cancer model in vivo. Int. J. Cancer 143, 2065-2075 (2018)
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Gu, F.* et al.: Inherited variation in circadian rhythm genes and risks of prostate cancer and three other cancer sites in combined cancer consortia. Int. J. Cancer 141, 1794-1802 (2017)
Pötzl, J. et al.: Reversal of tumor acidosis by systemic buffering reactivates NK cells to express IFN-γ and induces NK cell-dependent lymphoma control without other immunotherapies. Int. J. Cancer 140, 2125-2133 (2017)
Smida, J. et al.: Genome-wide analysis of somatic copy number alterations and chromosomal breakages in osteosarcoma. Int. J. Cancer 141, 816-828 (2017)
Harnicek, D. et al.: Hyperthermia adds to trabectedin effectiveness and thermal enhancement is associated with BRCA2 degradation and impairment of DNA homologous recombination repair. Int. J. Cancer 139, 467-479 (2016)