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Rangiata, J.* et al.: Elevated c-Jun expression in acute myeloid leukemias inhibits C/EBPalpha DNA binding via leucine zipper domain interaction. Oncogene 22, 4760-4764 (2003)
Zada, A.A.P.* et al.: Downregulation of c-Jun expression and cell cycle regulatory molecules in acute myeloid leukemia cells upon CD44 ligation. Oncogene 22, 2296-2308 (2003)
Nathrath, M. et al.: Two novel tumor suppressor gene loci on chromosome 6q and 15q in human osteosarcoma identified through comparative study of allelic imbalances in mouse and man. Oncogene 21, 5975-5980 (2002)
Pazzaglia, S.* et al.: High incidence of medulloblastoma following X-ray-irradiation of newborn Ptc1 heterozygous mice. Oncogene 21, 7580-7584 (2002)
Vecsey-Semjen, B.* et al.: Novel colon cancer cell lines leading to better understanding of the diversity of respective primary cancers. Oncogene 21, 4646-4662 (2002)
Lewitzky, M.* et al.: The C-terminal SH3 domain of the adapter protein Grb2 binds with high affinity to sequences in Gab1 and SlP-76 which lack the SH3-typical P-x-x-P core motif. Oncogene 20, 1052-1062 (2001)
Boese, A.* et al.: Human endogenous retrovirus protein cORF supports cell transformation and associated with the promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger protein. Oncogene 19, 4328-4336 (2000)
Zimmermann, S.* et al.: MEK1 mediates a positive feedback on Raf-1 activity independently of Ras and Src. Oncogene 15, 1503-1511 (1997)
Mautner, J. et al.: c-myc expression is activated by the immunoglobulin kappa-enhancers from a distance of at least 30 kb but not by elements located within 50 kb of the unaltered c-myc locus in vivo. Oncogene 12, 1299-1307 (1996)
Albert, T.K. ; Urlbauer, B. ; Kohlhuber, F. ; Hammersen, B. & Eick, D.: Ongoing mutations in the N-terminal domain of c-Myc affect transactivation in Burkitt's lymphoma cell lines. Oncogene 9, 759-763 (1994)
Kohlhuber, F. ; Strobl, L.J. & Eick, D.: Early down-regulation of c-myc in dimethylsulfoxide-induced mouse erythroleukemia (MEL) cells is mediated at the P1/P2 promoters. Oncogene 8, 1099-1102 (1993)
Rößler, U. ; Andres, A.C.* ; Reichmann, E.* ; Schmahl, W.G. & Werenskiold, A.K.: T1, an immunoglobulin superfamily member, is expressed in H-ras-dependent epithelial tumours of mammary cells. Oncogene 8, 609-617 (1993)
Apel, T.W. ; Mautner, J.M. ; Polack, A. ; Bornkamm, G.W. & Eick, D.: Two antisense promoters in the immunoglobulin μ-switch region drive expression of c-myc in the Burkitt's lymphoma cell line BL67. Oncogene 7, 1267-1271 (1992)
Jucker, M. et al.: Expression of Truncated Transcripts of the Proto-Oncogene c-fps/fes in Human Lymphoma and Lymphoid Leukemia Cell Lines. Oncogene 7, 943-952 (1992)
Polack, A. et al.: The Intron Enhancer of the Immunoglobulin Kappa Gene Activates c-myc but does not Induce the Burkitt-Specific Promoter Shift. Oncogene 6, 2033-2040 (1991)
Eick, D. et al.: Expression of P0-and P3-RNA from the Normal and Translocated c-myc Allele in Burkitt's Lymphoma Cells. Oncogene 5, 1397-1402 (1990)