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Kundrat, P. et al.: Minimum breast distance largely explains individual variability in doses to contralateral breast from breast-cancer radiotherapy. Radiother. Oncol. 131, 186-191 (2019)
Linge, A.* et al.: TCGA molecular subclassification is prognostic for LRC of HNSCC after postoperative RCTx. Radiother. Oncol. 133, S196-S196 (2019)
Oechsner, M.* et al.: Gated treatment of left-sided breast cancer: Evaluation of lung movement, irradiated volume and mass. Radiother. Oncol. 133, S715-S715 (2019)
Peeken, J.C. et al.: CT-based radiomic features predict tumor grading and have prognostic value in patients with soft tissue sarcomas treated with neoadjuvant radiation therapy. Radiother. Oncol. 135, 187-196 (2019)
Peeken, J.C. et al.: Deep learning derived tumor infiltration maps for personalized target definition in Glioblastoma radiotherapy. Radiother. Oncol. 138, 166-172 (2019)
Porth, A.* et al.: Analysis of Chromosomal Aberrations by FISH in FaDu tumor cells after in vivo X-ray MRT irradiation. Radiother. Oncol. 133, S1198-S1198 (2019)
Schmal, Z.* et al.: DNA damage accumulation during fractionated low-dose radiation compromises hippocampal neurogenesis. Radiother. Oncol. 137, 45-54 (2019)
Schmid, T. et al.: Biological interaction of a static magnetic field (SMF) with ionizing irradiation. Radiother. Oncol. 133, S600-S601 (2019)
Simonetto, C. et al.: Does deep inspiration breath-hold prolong life? Individual risk estimates of ischaemic heart disease after breast cancer radiotherapy. Radiother. Oncol. 131, 202-207 (2019)
Starke, S.* et al.: Deep-learning based estimation of loco-regional control for patients with locally advanced HNSCC. Radiother. Oncol. 133, S254-S255 (2019)
Treibel, F. ; Wilkens, J.J.* ; Bartzsch, S. & Combs, S.E.: An optimized compact microbeam source for preclinical studies. Radiother. Oncol. 133, S56-S57 (2019)
Brunner, T.* et al.: Dose of stereotactic radiotherapy, local control and overall survival in cholangiocarcinoma. Radiother. Oncol. 127, S85-S86 (2018)
Combs, S.E. et al.: Clinical outcome after high-precision radiotherapy for skull base meningiomas: Pooled data from three large German centers for radiation oncology. Radiother. Oncol. 127, 274-279 (2018)
Dapper, H.* ; Oechsner, M.* ; Münch, S.* ; Combs, S.E. & Habermehl, D.: DVH- and NTCP-based dosimetric comparison of different cranial margins for VMAT of rectal cancer. Radiother. Oncol. 127, S802-S803 (2018)
De-Colle, C.* et al.: SDF-1/CXCR4 expression is an independent negative prognostic biomarker in patients with head and neck cancer after primary radiochemotherapy. Radiother. Oncol. 126, 125-131 (2018)
Forster, C.* ; Schilling, D. ; Wank, M. ; Schmid, T.E. & Combs, S.E.: Effects of the proteasome inhibitor bortezomib on radiosensitivity of glioblastoma cells. Radiother. Oncol. 127, S1281-S1282 (2018)
Gora, T.* et al.: Detection of radiation induced lung fibrosis using x-ray dark-field imaging in a murine model. Radiother. Oncol. 127, E581-E582 (2018)
Hofmeister, A.* et al.: Reduction of lung dose during stereotactic radiation of lung tumors using respiratory gating. Radiother. Oncol. 127, S758-S759 (2018)
Kessel, K.A. et al.: Tomotherapy of pediatric sarcomas: Outcome and toxicity rates. Radiother. Oncol. 127, S610-S611 (2018)
Kessel, K.A. et al.: Cancer Clinical Trials - survey evaluating patient participation and attitude in an Oncology Center. Radiother. Oncol. 127, S50-S50 (2018)