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Taipale, T.* et al.: Fatty liver is associated with blood pathways of inflammatory response, immune system activation and prothrombotic state in Young Finns Study. Sci. Rep. 8, 10358:10358 (2018)
Thiele, I. et al.: Time trends in stroke incidence and in prevalence of risk factors in Southern Germany, 1989 to 2008/09. Sci. Rep. 8:11981 (2018)
Treise, I. et al.: Defective immuno- and thymoproteasome assembly causes severe immunodeficiency. Sci. Rep. 8:5975 (2018)
Vogt, M.A.* et al.: TDP-43 induces p53-mediated cell death of cortical progenitors and immature neurons. Sci. Rep. 8:8097 (2018)
Akmatov, M.F.* et al.: Determination of nasal and oropharyngeal microbiomes in a multicenter population-based study - findings from Pretest 1 of the German National Cohort. Sci. Rep. 7:1855 (2017)
Alfar, E.A. et al.: Distinct levels of reactive oxygen species coordinate metabolic activity with beta-cell mass plasticity. Sci. Rep. 7 (2017)
Allebrandt, K.V.* et al.: Identifying pathways modulating sleep duration: From genomics to transcriptomics. Sci. Rep. 7:4555 (2017)
Bartel, S. et al.: Pulmonary microRNA profiles identify involvement of Creb1 and Sec14l3 in bronchial epithelial changes in allergic asthma. Sci. Rep. 7:46026 (2017)
Bec, J.* et al.: In vivo label-free structural and biochemical imaging of coronary arteries using an integrated ultrasound and multispectral fluorescence lifetime catheter system. Sci. Rep. 7:8960 (2017)
Behr, S.* et al.: Identification of a high-affinity pyruvate receptor in escherichia coli. Sci. Rep. 7:1388 (2017)
Braenne, I.* et al.: A genomic exploration identifies mechanisms that may explain adverse cardiovascular effects of COX-2 inhibitors. Sci. Rep. 7:10252 (2017)
Cardinale, M.* ; Kaiser, D.* ; Lueders, T. ; Schnell, S.* & Egert, M.*: Microbiome analysis and confocal microscopy of used kitchen sponges reveal massive colonization by Acinetobacter, Moraxella and Chryseobacterium species. Sci. Rep. 7:5791 (2017)
Carrion, M.D.P.* et al.: The LRRK2 G2385R variant is a partial loss-of-function mutation that affects synaptic vesicle trafficking through altered protein interactions. Sci. Rep. 7:5377 (2017)
Chmyrov, A. et al.: Achromatic light patterning and improved image reconstruction for parallelized RESOLFT nanoscopy. Sci. Rep. 7:44619 (2017)
Col, E.* et al.: Bromodomain factors of BET family are new essential actors of pericentric heterochromatin transcriptional activation in response to heat shock. Sci. Rep. 7:5418 (2017)
Damialis, A. et al.: Estimating the abundance of airborne pollen and fungal spores at variable elevations using an aircraft: How high can they fly? Sci. Rep. 7:44535 (2017)
Dean-Ben, X.L. ; López-Schier, H. & Razansky, D.: Optoacoustic micro-tomography at 100 volumes per second. Sci. Rep. 7:6850 (2017)
Decker, T.-M. et al.: Transcriptome analysis of dominant-negative Brd4 mutants identifies Brd4-specific target genes of small molecule inhibitor JQ1. Sci. Rep. 7:1684 (2017)
Effner, R. et al.: Cytochrome P450s in human immune cells regulate IL-22 and c-Kit via an AHR feedback loop. Sci. Rep. 7:44005 (2017)
Egaña, I.* et al.: Female mice lacking Pald1 exhibit endothelial cell apoptosis and emphysema. Sci. Rep. 7:15453 (2017)