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Ovsiy, I.* et al.: IL-4 driven transcription factor FoxQ1 is expressed by monocytes in atopic dermatitis and stimulates monocyte migration. Sci. Rep. 7:16847 (2017)
Oyaga Landa, F.J. ; Dean-Ben, X.L. ; Sroka, R.* & Razansky, D.: Volumetric optoacoustic temperature mapping in photothermal therapy. Sci. Rep. 7:9695 (2017)
Pallister, T.* et al.: Hippurate as a metabolomic marker of gut microbiome diversity: Modulation by diet and relationship to metabolic syndrome. Sci. Rep. 7:13670 (2017)
Pan, Y.* et al.: Associations between genetic variants in mRNA splicing-related genes and risk of lung cancer: A pathway-based analysis from published GWASs. Sci. Rep. 7:44634 (2017)
Piontek, U.* et al.: Sex-specific metabolic profiles of androgens and its main binding protein SHBG in a middle aged population without diabetes. Sci. Rep. 7:2235 (2017)
Pramme-Steinwachs, I. ; Jastroch, M. & Ussar, S.: Extracellular calcium modulates brown adipocyte differentiation and identity. Sci. Rep. 7:8888 (2017)
Proença, D.N.* et al.: The microbiome of endophytic, wood colonizing bacteria from pine trees as affected by pine wilt disease. Sci. Rep. 7:4205 (2017)
Rodriguez Camargo, D.C. et al.: The redox environment triggers conformational changes and aggregation of hIAPP in Type II Diabetes. Sci. Rep. 7:44041 (2017)
Rzehak, P.* et al.: DNA-methylation and body composition in preschool children: Epigenome-wide-analysis in the European Childhood Obesity Project (CHOP)-Study. Sci. Rep. 7:14349 (2017)
Scherer, K.* et al.: X-ray dark-field radiography - in-vivo diagnosis of lung cancer in mice. Sci. Rep. 7:402 (2017)
Schlundt, A. et al.: Structure-function analysis of the DNA-binding domain of a transmembrane transcriptional activator. Sci. Rep. 7:1051 (2017)
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Sekula, P.* et al.: From discovery to translation: Characterization of c-mannosyltryptophan and pseudouridine as markers of kidney function. Sci. Rep. 7:17400 (2017)
Skaaby, T.* et al.: Investigating the causal effect of smoking on hay fever and asthma: A Mendelian randomization meta-analysis in the CARTA consortium. Sci. Rep. 7:2224 (2017)
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Thireau, J.* et al.: MEIS1 variant as a determinant of autonomic imbalance in Restless Legs Syndrome. Sci. Rep. 7:46620 (2017)
Wagner, R. et al.: The protective effect of human renal sinus fat on glomerular cells is reversed by the hepatokine fetuin-A. Sci. Rep. 7:2261 (2017)
Wagner, R. et al.: Excessive fuel availability amplifies the FTO-mediated obesity risk: Results from the TUEF and Whitehall II studies. Sci. Rep. 7:15486 (2017)
Walker, A. et al.: Sulfonolipids as novel metabolite markers of Alistipes and Odoribacter affected by high-fat diets. Sci. Rep. 7:11047 (2017)