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Yaroshenko, A.* et al.: Improved In vivo assessment of pulmonary fibrosis in mice using X-ray dark-feld radiography. Sci. Rep. 5:17492 (2015)
Dean-Ben, X.L. ; Bay, E. & Razansky, D.: Functional optoacoustic imaging of moving objects using microsecond-delay acquisition of multispectral three-dimensional tomographic data. Sci. Rep. 4:5878 (2014)
Fan, Y.M.* et al.: Upstream Transcription Factor 1 (USF1) allelic variants regulate lipoprotein metabolism in women and USF1 expression in atherosclerotic plaque. Sci. Rep. 4:4650 (2014)
Ho, C.J.* et al.: Multifunctional photosensitizer-based contrast agents for photoacoustic imaging. Sci. Rep. 4:5342 (2014)
Keilwagen, J.* et al.: Separating the wheat from the chaff - a strategy to utilize plant genetic resources from ex situ genebanks. Sci. Rep. 4:5231 (2014)
Purahong, W.* et al.: Uncoupling of microbial community structure and function in decomposing litter across beech forest ecosystems in Central Europe. Sci. Rep. 4:7014 (2014)
Takaku, Y.* et al.: Innexin gap junctions in nerve cells coordinate spontaneous contractile behavior in Hydra polyps. Sci. Rep. 4:3573 (2014)
Wagner, R. et al.: Clinical and non-targeted metabolomic profiling of homozygous carriers of transcription factor 7-like 2 variant rs7903146. Sci. Rep. 4:5296 (2014)
Chang, X.* ; Xu, T. ; Li, Y.* & Wang, K.*: Dynamic modular architecture of protein-protein interaction networks beyond the dichotomy of 'date' and 'party' hubs. Sci. Rep. 3:1691 (2013)
Kang, C.B.* et al.: Functional role of the flexible N-terminal extension of FKBP38 in catalysis. Sci. Rep. 3:2985 (2013)
Stein, H.* et al.: Stygoregions - a promising approach to a bioregional classification of groundwater systems. Sci. Rep. 2:673 (2012)