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Hatzl, S.* et al.: Increased expression of miR-23a mediates a loss of expression in the RAF kinase inhibitor protein RKIP. Cancer Res. 76, 3644-3654 (2016)
Mall, S.* et al.: Immuno-PET imaging of engineered human T cells in tumors. Cancer Res. 76, 4113-4123 (2016)
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Scheel, C. et al.: A force-sensitive organoid assay to quantify regenerative potential of single primary human mammary cells. Cancer Res. 76:P1-06-02 (2016)
Wolf, B.* et al.: Inducing differentiation of premalignant hepatic cells as a novel therapeutic strategy in hepatocarcinoma. Cancer Res. 76, 5550-5561 (2016)
Anastasov, N. et al.: Three-dimensional microtissues as phenotypic screening model to identify radiation modifiers for breast cancer. Cancer Res. 75:1810 (2015)
Bigalke, I.* et al.: A new generation of dendritic cells to improve cancer therapy shows prolonged progression-free survival in patients with solid tumors. Cancer Res. 75:2516 (2015)
Höfig, I. et al.: Generation of 3D-microtissues suitable for drug screening with lentivirally GFP-labelled CD44+CD24-breast cancer cells enriched by irradiation. Cancer Res. 75:1408 (2015)
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Toma, M.I.* et al.: Accumulation of tolerogenic human 6-sulfo LacNAc plus dendritic cells in renal cell carcinoma is associated with poor prognosis. Cancer Res. 75:1278 (2015)
Endesfelder, D. et al.: Chromosomal instability selects gene copy number variants encoding core regulators of proliferation in ER+ breast cancer. Cancer Res. 74, 4853-4863 (2014)
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Hojer, C. et al.: B cell expansion and lymphomagenesis induced by chronic CD40 signaling is strictly dependent on CD19. Cancer Res. 74, 4318-4328 (2014)
Leinhäuser, I. et al.: The Bone morphogenic protein 7 (Bmp7) plays a pro-tumorigenic role in pheochromocytoma. Cancer Res. 74:4059 (2014)
Morscher, S.* et al.: Assessing PK parameters using Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography (DCE-MSOT). Cancer Res. 74:4310 (2014)
Morscher, S.* et al.: Novel approaches for dynamic tumor microenvironment imaging by Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography (MSOT). Cancer Res. 74:2050 (2014)
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Ehrhardt, H. ; Wachter, F. ; Grunert, M. & Jeremias, I.: TRAIL induces apoptosis preferentially in cell cycle arrested tumor cells, e.g., in tumor cells from children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia upon knockdown of cyclinE. Cancer Res. 73:3326 (2013)