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Truong, T.* et al.: International Lung Cancer Consortium: Coordinated association study of 10 potential lung cancer susceptibility variants. Carcinogenesis 31, 625-633 (2010)
Sagan, D. et al.: The DNA repair protein NBS1 influences the base excision repair pathway. Carcinogenesis 30, 408-415 (2009)
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Bouvier, G.* ; Hergenhahn, M.* ; Polack, A. ; Bornkamm, G.W. & Bartsch, H.*: Validation of two test systems for detecting tumor promoters and EBV inducers: Comparative responses of several agents in DR-CAT Raji cells and in human granulocytes. Carcinogenesis 14, 1573-1578 (1993)