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Wang, X.* et al.: MLKL promotes cellular differentiation in myeloid leukemia by facilitating the release of G-CSF. Cell Death Differ. 28, 3235–3250 (2021)
Wang, X.* et al.: Correction: MLKL promotes cellular differentiation in myeloid leukemia by facilitating the release of G-CSF (Cell Death & Differentiation, (2021), 10.1038/s41418-021-00811-1). Cell Death Differ., DOI: 10.1038/s41418-021-00826-8 (2021)
Xin, S. et al.: MS4A15 drives ferroptosis resistance through calcium-restricted lipid remodeling. Cell Death Differ., DOI: 10.1038/s41418-021-00883-z (2021)
Castoldi, F.* et al.: Chemical activation of SAT1 corrects diet-induced metabolic syndrome. Cell Death Differ. 27, 2904-2920 (2020)
Proneth, B. & Conrad, M.: Ferroptosis and necroinflammation, a yet poorly explored link. Cell Death Differ. 26, 14-24 (2019)
Galluzzi, L.* et al.: Molecular mechanisms of cell death: Recommendations of the Nomenclature Committee on Cell Death 2018. Cell Death Differ. 25, 486-541 (2018)
Conte, A.* et al.: High mobility group A1 protein modulates autophagy in cancer cells. Cell Death Differ. 24, 1948-1962 (2017)
Honrath, B.* et al.: SK2 channels regulate mitochondrial respiration and mitochondrial Ca2+ uptake. Cell Death Differ. 24, 761-773 (2017)
Chen, S. et al.: Immunoproteasome dysfunction augments alternative polarization of alveolar macrophages. Cell Death Differ. 23, 1026-1037 (2016)
Rauch, J.* et al.: Differential localization of A-Raf regulates MST2-mediated apoptosis during epithelial differentiation. Cell Death Differ. 23, 1283-1295 (2016)
Boutaffala, L.* et al.: NIK promotes tissue destruction independently of the alternative NF-κB pathway through TNFR1/RIP1-induced apoptosis. Cell Death Differ. 22, 2020-2033 (2015)
Rehklau, K.* et al.: ADF/cofilin proteins translocate to mitochondria during apoptosis but are not generally required for cell death signaling. Cell Death Differ. 19, 958-967 (2012)
Bouman, L.* et al.: Parkin is transcriptionally regulated by ATF4: Evidence for an interconnection between mitochondrial stress and ER stress. Cell Death Differ. 18, 769-782 (2011)
Tobaben, S.* et al.: Bid-mediated mitochondrial damage is a key mechanism in glutamate-induced oxidative stress and AIF-dependent cell death in immortalized HT-22 hippocampal neurons. Cell Death Differ. 18, 282-292 (2011)
Henning, K.* et al.: Notch1 activation reduces proliferation in the multipotent hematopoietic progenitor cell line FDCP-mix through a p53-dependent pathway but Notch1 effects on myeloid and erythroid differentiation are independent of p53. Cell Death Differ. 15, 398-407 (2008)
Youlyouz-Marfak, I.* et al.: Identification of a novel p53-dependent activation pathway of STAT1 by antitumour genotoxic agents. Cell Death Differ. 15, 376-385 (2008)
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Gehrmann, M.* et al.: Dual function of membrane-bound heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70), Bag-4, and Hsp40: protection against radiation-induced effects and target structure for natural killer cells. Cell Death Differ. 12, 38-51 (2005)