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Mirzaei, M.K.* et al.: Bacteriophages isolated from stunted children can regulate gut bacterial communities in an age-specific manner. Cell Host Microbe 27, 199-212 (2020)
Reitmeier, S.* et al.: Arrhythmic gut microbiome signatures predict risk of type 2 diabetes. Cell Host Microbe 28, 258-272.e6 (2020)
von Mutius, E.: Intimate crosstalk in lower airways at the beginning of life. Cell Host Microbe 24, 758-759 (2018)
Broadley, S.P.* et al.: Dual-track clearance of circulating bacteria balances rapid restoration of blood sterility with induction of adaptive immunity. Cell Host Microbe 20, 36-48 (2016)
Luisoni, S.* et al.: Co-option of membrane wounding enables virus penetration into cells. Cell Host Microbe 18, 75-85 (2015)
Matheson, N.J.* et al.: Cell surface proteomic map of HIV infection reveals antagonism of amino acid metabolism by Vpu and Nef. Cell Host Microbe 18, 409-423 (2015)
Heikenwälder, M. & Protzer, U.: LINE(1)s of evidence in HBV-driven liver cancer. Cell Host Microbe 15, 249-250 (2014)
Weßling, R.* et al.: Convergent targeting of a common host protein-network by pathogen effectors from three kingdoms of life. Cell Host Microbe 16, 364-375 (2014)
Sousa, M.* et al.: Restoration of pattern recognition receptor costimulation to treat chromoblastomycosis, a chronic fungal infection of the skin. Cell Host Microbe 9, 436-443 (2011)
Dölken, L.* et al.: Systematic analysis of viral and cellular microRNA targets in cells latently infected with human γ-herpesviruses by RISC immunoprecipitation assay. Cell Host Microbe 7, 324-334 (2010)