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Much, D. et al.: Lactation is associated with altered metabolomic signatures in women with gestational diabetes. Diabetologia 59, S187-S187 (2016)
Müller, A. et al.: Ultrastructural analysis of insulin secretory granule ageing by super resolution and transmission electron microscopy. Diabetologia 59, S194-S195 (2016)
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Osterhoff, M.A.* et al.: Specific phospholipids are differently associated to human visceral and non-visceral adipose tissue depending on the inflammatory state in the NUGAT Twin study. Diabetologia 59, S67-S67 (2016)
Quarta, C. ; Sánchez-Garrido, M.A. ; Tschöp, M.H. & Clemmensen, C.: Renaissance of leptin for obesity therapy. Diabetologia 59, 920-927 (2016)
Radovic, B.* et al.: Lysosomal acid lipase regulates VLDL synthesis and insulin sensitivity in mice. Diabetologia 59, 1743-1752 (2016)
Rottenkolber, M.* et al.: Targeted metabolomics to predict the primary success of metformin monotherapy in type 2 diabetes. Diabetologia 59, S127-S127 (2016)
Schmid, V. et al.: Liver fat content and insulin secretion failure are associated with the long-term success of a lifestyle intervention to prevent type 2 diabetes: Results of the TULIP study. Diabetologia 59, S171-S171 (2016)
Siegel-Axel, D. et al.: The interplay of fatty liver with fatty pancreas accenuates local islet inflammation in humans. Diabetologia 59, S79-S79 (2016)
Solimena, M. & Schulte, A.M.*: System biology of the IMIDIA biobank from organ donors and pancreatectomised patients defines the transcriptomic signature of type 2 diabetes islets. Diabetologia 59, S169-S169 (2016)
Stirm, L. et al.: miRNA signatures in maternal whole blood cells of women with gestational diabetes. Diabetologia 59, S47-S47 (2016)
Teperino, R. et al.: Polycomb controls metabolic homeostasis through a novel liver-to-adipose axis. Diabetologia 59, S307-S307 (2016)
Ustunel, B.E.* et al.: Transforming growth factor beta-like stimulated clone 22 D4 promotes diabetic hyperglycaemia and insulin resistance. Diabetologia 59, S234-S234 (2016)
von Toerne, C. et al.: MASP1, THBS1, GPLD1 and ApoA-IV are novel biomarkers associated with prediabetes: The KORA F4 study. Diabetologia 59, 1882-1892 (2016)
Walther, D.* et al.: Tetraspanin 7 autoantibodies in type 1 diabetes. Diabetologia 59, 1973-1976 (2016)
Wood, A.R.* et al.: Variants in the FTO and CDKAL1 loci have recessive effects on risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes, respectively. Diabetologia 59, 1214-1221 (2016)
Affourtit, C.* ; Barlow, J.* ; Jensen, V.H.* & Jastroch, M.: Palmitate-induced impairment of glucose-stimulated insulin secretion by pancreatic beta cells is disconnected from concomitant mitochondrial respiratory defects. Diabetologia 58, S228-S229 (2015)
Böhm, A. et al.: Reduced and adverse metabolic response to supervised 8-week endurance exercise in a group at high risk for type 2 diabetes. Diabetologia 58, S258 (2015)
Chmiel, R. et al.: Progression from single to multiple islet autoantibodies often occurs soon after seroconversion: Implications for early screening. Diabetologia 58, 411-413 (2015)
Gerst, F. et al.: The hepatokine fetuin-A has TLR4 dependent and independent effects in islets. Diabetologia 58, S45 (2015)