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Wagner, L. et al.: Exercise changes neuronal processing of food cues in sedentary overweight and obese adults. Diabetologia 63, 1, S98-S98 (2020)
Wigger, L.* et al.: Cross-sectional multi-omics insight from islet and plasma samples into the progression to type 2 diabetes in metabolically profiled pancreatectomised surgical donors. Diabetologia 63, 1, S106-S106 (2020)
Ziegler, A.-G. & Bonifacio, E.: Why is the presence of autoantibodies against GAD associated with a relatively slow progression to clinical diabetes? Diabetologia, DOI: 10.1007/s00125-020-05175-8 (2020)
Eugster, A.* et al.: Cytoplasmic ends of tetraspanin 7 harbour epitopes recognised by autoantibodies in type 1 diabetes. Diabetologia 62, 805-810 (2019)
Fritsche, L. et al.: Gestational weight gain but not gestational diabetes associate with altered heart rate variability in 2 year old children. Diabetologia 62, S447-S448 (2019)
Gallegos, P.A. et al.: Enterovirus as triggers of disease? New insights from autoantibody positive and type 1 diabetic nPOD donors. Diabetologia 62, S203-S203 (2019)
Gerst, F. et al.: Fetuin-A inhibits functional maturation of insulin secreting beta cells. Diabetologia 62, S228-S228 (2019)
Gil, E.L. et al.: Expression of FFA2 and FFA3 and their role in human, mouse and rat insulin secreting cells. Diabetologia 62, S213-S213 (2019)
Henke, C. et al.: Mechanisms of age-dependent amplification of insulin secretion. Diabetologia 62, S219-S220 (2019)
Kahl, S.* et al.: Empagliflozin as metabolically active compound for treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in type 2 diabetes. Diabetologia 62, S124-S124 (2019)
Kaiser, G. et al.: Stimulation of FFA1/GPR40 raises the intracellular Ca2+ concentration via activation of TrpM3 channels in beta cells. Diabetologia 62, S208-S208 (2019)
Klymenko, O.* et al.: HDAC5 regulates IL-6 transcription and enhances insulin signalling in skeletal muscle. Diabetologia 62, S136-S136 (2019)
Koivula, R.W.* et al.: Discovery of biomarkers for glycaemic deterioration before and after the onset of type 2 diabetes: Descriptive characteristics of the epidemiological studies within the IMI DIRECT Consortium. Diabetologia 62, 1601-1615 (2019)
Marchetti, P.* et al.: Fostering improved human islet research: A European perspective. Diabetologia 62, 1514-1516 (2019)
Oquendo, M.B. et al.: Characterisation of the gene expression of pancreatic preadipocytes and adipocytes from patients with different metabolic status. Diabetologia 62, S295-S295 (2019)
Schreiner, B.* et al.: Perinodal fat cells differ from other fat cell locations regarding fat accumulation, expression of cytokines, chemoattractants, adhesion molecules and ECM components. Diabetologia 62, S309-S310 (2019)
Siegel-Axel, D. et al.: Pancreatic fat cells and fetuin-A/palmitate stimulate monocyte migration and remodelling of extracellular matrix. Diabetologia 62, S318-S318 (2019)
Straub, L.G.* et al.: Antioxidants protect against diabetes by improving glucose homeostasis in mouse models of inducible insulin resistance and obesity. Diabetologia 62, 2094-2105 (2019)
Timpel, P.* ; Harst, L.* ; Reifegerste, D.* ; Weihrauch-Blüher, S.* & Schwarz, P.E.: What should governments be doing to prevent diabetes throughout the life course? Diabetologia 62, 1842-1853 (2019)
Ullrich, S. et al.: Aldolase B is a marker of functional immaturity of type 2 diabetic beta cells. Diabetologia 62, S230-S230 (2019)