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Van Rampelbergh, J.* et al.: Phase Ib clinical trial of IMCY-0098 in young adults with recent-onsent type 1 diabetes. Diabetologia 62, S352-S353 (2019)
Wittenbecher, C.* ; Kuxhaus, O.* ; Boeing, H.* ; Stefan, N. & Schulze, M.B.*: Associations of short stature and components of height with incidence of type 2 diabetes: Mediating effects of cardiometabolic risk factors. Diabetologia 62, 2211-2221 (2019)
Achenbach, P. et al.: Autoantibodies to N-terminally truncated GAD improve clinical phenotyping of individuals with adult-onset diabetes: Action LADA 12. Diabetologia 61, 1644-1649 (2018)
Gerst, F. et al.: Fetuin-A impairs islet differentiation and function via inhibition of TGFbeta-1 signalling. Diabetologia 61, S205-S206 (2018)
Gil, E.L. et al.: Acetate stimulates insulin secretion of human pancreatic microislets. Diabetologia 61, S122-S122 (2018)
Heni, M. et al.: Brain insulin action stimulates pancreatic insulin secretion: Results from hyperglycaemic clamps. Diabetologia 61, S72-S72 (2018)
Herder, C.* et al.: A systemic inflammatory signature reflecting crosstalk between innate and adaptive immunity is associated with polyneuropathy: KORA F4/FF4 Study. Diabetologia 61, S467-S467 (2018)
Honsek, C.* et al.: Fibre supplementation for the prevention of type 2 diabetes and improvement of glucose metabolism: The randomised controlled Optimal Fibre Trial (OptiFiT). Diabetologia 61, 1295-1305 (2018)
Kappler, L.* et al.: Linking of bioenergetic function of mitochondria to tissue-specific molecular fingerprints in mice and humans. Diabetologia 61, S271-S271 (2018)
Knoch, K.-P. et al.: CVB5 proteases 2A reduces insulin granule maturation only indirect. Diabetologia 61, S150-S150 (2018)
Kullmann, S. et al.: Insulin influences mindset-induced brain response and behaviour on portion size selection for lunch. Diabetologia 61, S336-S336 (2018)
Long, A.E.* et al.: Characteristics of slow progression to diabetes in multiple islet autoantibody-positive individuals from five longitudinal cohorts: The SNAIL study. Diabetologia 61, 1484–1490 (2018)
Mathieu, C.* ; Lahesmaa, R.* ; Bonifacio, E. ; Achenbach, P. & Tree, T.*: Immunological biomarkers for the development and progression of type 1 diabetes. Diabetologia 61, 2252-2258 (2018)
Niersmann, C.* et al.: Omentin-induced secretion of proteins by primary human adipocytes and stimulation of the innate immune system. Diabetologia 61, S254-S255 (2018)
Pitchika, A. et al.: Associations of maternal type 1 diabetes with childhood adiposity and metabolic health in the offspring: A prospective cohort study. Diabetologia 61, 2319–2332 (2018)
Saussenthaler, S.* et al.: Interindividual susceptibility to type 2 diabetes in mice: Hepatic transcriptome and DNA methylome profiling. Diabetologia 61, S259-S259 (2018)
Siegel-Axel, D. et al.: Differences in extracellular matrix expression in pancreatic fat cells of non-diabetic, pre-diabetic and diabetic individuals. Diabetologia 61, S289-S290 (2018)
Solimena, M. et al.: Systems biology of the IMIDIA biobank from organ donors and pancreatectomised patients defines a novel transcriptomic signature of islets from individuals with type 2 diabetes. Diabetologia 61, 641–657 (2018)
Stadion, M.* et al.: The impact of cilia-genes on pancreatic beta cell replication and the risk of type 2 diabetes. Diabetologia 61, S194-S194 (2018)
Weitz, J.R.* et al.: Mouse pancreatic islet macrophages use locally released ATP to monitor beta cell activity. Diabetologia 61, 1-11 (2018)