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Yang, H. ; Jüstel, D. ; Prakash, J. & Ntziachristos, V.: Modeling the variation in speed of sound between couplant and tissue improves the spectral accuracy of multispectral optoacoustic tomography. Proc. SPIE 10890:108902 (2019)
Chen, Z. ; Dean-Ben, X.L. ; Gottschalk, S. & Razansky, D.: Hybrid system for in vivo real-time planar fluorescence and volumetric optoacoustic imaging. Proc. SPIE 10494:104946C (2018)
Chen, Z. et al.: Multifocal structured illumination fluorescence microscopy with large field-of-view and high spatio-temporal resolution. Proc. SPIE 10816, DOI: 10.1117/12.2500907 (2018)
Dean-Ben, X.L. ; López-Schier, H. & Razansky, D.: High-frame-rate imaging of biological samples with optoacoustic micro-tomography. Proc. SPIE 10494:104940R (2018)
Dean-Ben, X.L. & Razansky, D.: Breaking the acoustic diffraction barrier with localization optoacoustic tomography. Proc. SPIE 10494:104941X (2018)
Gorpas, D. ; Koch, M. ; Anastasopoulou, M. ; Klemm, U. & Ntziachristos, V.: Phantom and methodology for fluorescence molecular imaging systems benchmarking. Proc. SPIE 10677 (2018)
Kumar, K.G.* ; Saeid Nezhad, N.* ; Mueller, B.H.* ; Tischenko, O. & Hoeschen, C.*: Assessment of image quality parameters of a novel micro-CT system compared to a conventional CT geometry. Proc. SPIE 10573:105732L (2018)
Lu, T.* et al.: Spatial-impulse-response-dependent back-projection using the non-stationary convolution in optoacoustic mesoscopy. Proc. SPIE 10494:104943R (2018)
Oyaga Landa, F.J. ; Ronda Penacoba, S.* ; Dean-Ben, X.L. ; Montero de Espinosa, F.* & Razansky, D.: Monitoring of tissue heating with medium intensity focused ultrasound via four dimensional optoacoustic tomography. Proc. SPIE 10494:104945J (2018)
Oyaga Landa, F.J. ; Dean-Ben, X.L. ; Sroka, R.* & Razansky, D.: Four-dimensional optoacoustic temperature mapping in laser-induced thermotherapy. Proc. SPIE 10494:104940D (2018)
Rebling, J. ; Oyaga Landa, F.J. ; Dean-Ben, X.L. & Razansky, D.: A new catheter design for combined radiofrequency ablation and optoacoustic treatment monitoring using copper-coated light-guides. Proc. SPIE 10488:1048805 (2018)
Redelstein, J.* et al.: Smart air quality network for spatial high-resolution monitoring in urban area. Proc. SPIE 10786:107860B (2018)
Shnaiderman, R. ; Wissmeyer, G. ; Seeger, M. ; Estrada, H. & Ntziachristos, V.: Intravital hybrid optical-optoacoustic microscopy based on fiber-Bragg interferometry. Proc. SPIE 10494:104942M (2018)
Abadi, E.* et al.: Airways, vasculature, and interstitial tissue: Anatomically informed computational modeling of human lungs for virtual clinical trials. Proc. SPIE 10132:101321Q (2017)
Anastasopoulou, M. et al.: Multiparameter solid phantom for fluorescence imaging standardization. Proc. SPIE 10411:104110J (2017)
Bozhko, D. ; Gorpas, D. ; Jaffer, F.A.* & Ntziachristos, V.: Intravascular optoacoustic catheter with extended sensitivity field. Proc. SPIE 10415:1041502 (2017)
Budde, M.* et al.: SmartAQnet: Remote and in-situ sensing of urban air quality. Proc. SPIE 10424:104240C (2017)
Dean-Ben, X.L. ; Fehm, T. ; Ford, S.J. ; Gottschalk, S. & Razansky, D.: Imaging multi-scale dynamics in vivo with spiral volumetric optoacoustic tomography. Proc. SPIE 10064 (2017)
Dean-Ben, X.L. ; Ding, L & Razansky, D.: Improving visibility in limited-view scenarios with dynamic particle-enhanced optoacoustic tomography. Proc. SPIE 10064 (2017)
Ding, L et al.: Non-negative constrained inversion approaches for unmixing chromophores in multispectral optoacoustic tomography. Proc. SPIE 10064:100641B (2017)