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Brambilla, A. et al.: Immunity-associated volatile emissions of β-ionone and nonanal propagate defence responses in neighbouring barley (Hordeum vulgare) plants. J. Exp. Bot. 73, 615–630 (2022)
Dueri, S.* et al.: Simulation of winter wheat response to variable sowing dates and densities in a high-yielding environment. J. Exp. Bot. 73, 5715-5729 (2022)
Schuhmann, P.* et al.: Two wrongs make a right: Heat stress reversion of a male-sterile Brassica napus line. J. Exp. Bot. 73, 3531–3551 (2022)
Vlot, A.C. & Rosenkranz, M.: Volatile compounds-the language of all kingdoms? J. Exp. Bot. 73, 445-448 (2022)
Garcia-Maquilon, I.* et al.: PYL8 ABA receptors of Phoenix dactylifera play a crucial role in response to abiotic stress and are stabilized by ABA. J. Exp. Bot. 72, 757-774 (2021)
Kolbert, Z.* ; Lindermayr, C. & Loake, G.J.*: The role of nitric oxide in plant biology: Current insights and future perspectives. J. Exp. Bot. 72, 777-780 (2021)
Wurm, C. & Lindermayr, C.: Nitric oxide signaling in the plant nucleus: The function of nitric oxide in chromatin modulation and transcription. J. Exp. Bot. 72, 808-818 (2021)
Bauer, S. et al.: The isoleucic acid triad: Distinct impacts on plant defense, root growth, and formation of reactive oxygen species. J. Exp. Bot. 71, 4258-4270 (2020)
Escudero-Martinez, C.* et al.: An aphid effector promotes barley susceptibility through suppression of defence gene expression. J. Exp. Bot. 71, 2796-2807 (2020)
Du, B.* et al.: Climate and development modulate the metabolome and antioxidative system of date palm leaves. J. Exp. Bot. 70, 5959-5969 (2019)
Rai, N.* et al.: How do cryptochromes and UVR8 interact in natural and simulated sunlight? J. Exp. Bot. 70, 4975-4990 (2019)
Zhang, J. et al.: Phytoglobin overexpression promotes barley growth in the presence of enhanced level of atmospheric nitric oxide. J. Exp. Bot. 70, 4521-4537 (2019)
Lindermayr, C. & Durner, J.: Nitric oxide sensor proteins with revolutionary potential. J. Exp. Bot. 69, 3507-3510 (2018)
Astier, J. ; Gross, I. & Durner, J.: Nitric oxide production in plants: An update. J. Exp. Bot. 69, 3401-3411 (2017)
Garcia-Molina, A.* et al.: LSU network hubs integrate abiotic and biotic stress responses via interaction with the superoxide dismutase FSD2. J. Exp. Bot. 68, 1185-1197 (2017)
Groß, F. ; Rudolf, E.E. ; Thiele, B.* ; Durner, J. & Astier, J.: Copper amine oxidase 8 regulates arginine-dependent nitric oxide production in Arabidopsis thaliana. J. Exp. Bot. 68, 2149-2162 (2017)
Kasten, D. et al.: Nitrite is the driver, phytohormones are modulators while NO and H2O2 act as promoters of NO2-induced cell death. J. Exp. Bot. 67, 6337-6349 (2016)
Schäffner, A.: Flavonoid biosynthesis and Arabidopsis genetics: More good music. J. Exp. Bot. 67, 1203-1204 (2016)
Holzmeister, C. et al.: Differential inhibition of Arabidopsis superoxide dismutases by peroxynitrite-mediated tyrosine nitration. J. Exp. Bot. 66, 989-999 (2015)