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Torres, G.G.* et al.: Exome-wide association study identifies FN3KRP and PGP as new candidate longevity genes. J. Gerontol. A Biol. Sci. Med. Sci. 76, 786–795 (2021)
Budinger, G.S.* et al.: The intersection of aging biology and the pathobiology of lung diseases: A joint NHLBI/NIA Workshop. J. Gerontol. A Biol. Sci. Med. Sci., DOI: 10.1093/gerona/glx090 (2017)
Gögele, M.* et al.: Heritability analysis of life span in a semi-isolated population followed across four centuries reveals the presence of pleiotropy between life Span and reproduction. J. Gerontol. A Biol. Sci. Med. Sci. 66, 26-37 (2011)