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Muehlhofer, H.M.L.* et al.: Oncological outcome and prognostic factors of surgery for soft tissue sarcoma after neoadjuvant or adjuvant radiation therapy: A retrospective analysis over 15 years. Anticancer Res. 41, 359-368 (2021)
Simon, F.* et al.: Cigarette smoke reduces the efficacy of cisplatin in head and neck cancer cells - role of ABCG2. Anticancer Res. 40, 1277-1284 (2020)
Ehrhardt, H. et al.: Activation of DNA damage response by antitumor therapy counteracts the activity of vinca alkaloids. Anticancer Res. 33, 5273-5287 (2013)
Gündisch, S. et al.: Glucocorticoids augment survival and proliferation of tumor cells. Anticancer Res. 32, 4251-4261 (2012)
Andratschke, M.* et al.: Biodistribution of 131I-labeled anti-CK8 monoclonal antibody in HNSCC in xenotransplanted SCID mice. Anticancer Res. 31, 3315-3321 (2011)
Andratschke, M.* et al.: Biodistribution and radioimmunotherapy of SCCHN in xenotransplantated SCID mice with a 131I-labelled anti-EpCAM monoclonal antibody. Anticancer Res. 27, 431-436 (2007)
Meyer, A. et al.: Liposomal transfection of squamous carcinoma cells of the head and neck with IL-2 and B7 plasmids inducing and autologous immune response in vitro. Anticancer Res. 25, 3917-3924 (2005)
Meyer, A. et al.: Generation of an autologous cell system for immunotherapy of squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. Anticancer Res. 25, 4075-4080 (2005)
Walz, A.* ; Andratschke, M.* ; Wollenberg, B.* ; Lindhofer, H.* & Zeidler, R.: Prednisolone reduces TNF-alpha release by PBMCs activated with a trifunctional bispecific antibody but not their anti-tumor activity. Anticancer Res. 25, 4239-4243 (2005)
Gires, O. ; Pöckl, S.* ; Chapman, R.D. & Münz, M.: Targeted gene expression using a 1.1 kilobase promoter fragment of the tumour-associated antigen EpCAM. Anticancer Res. 24, 3715-3721 (2004)
Walz, A.* et al.: Antitumour effects of a bidpecific trivalent antibody in multicellular tumour spheroids. Anticancer Res. 24, 887-894 (2004)
Gires, O. ; Eskofier, S.* ; Lang, S.* ; Zeidler, R.* & Münz, M.: Cloning and characterisation of a 1.1kb fragment of the carcinoma-associated epithelial cell adhesion molecule promoter. Anticancer Res. 23, 3255-3262 (2003)
Eichholtz-Wirth, H. & Sagan, D.: Altered signaling of TNFalpha-TNFR1 and SODD/BAG4 is responsible for radioresistance in human HT-R15 cells. Anticancer Res. 22, 235-240 (2002)