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Hopfner, F.* et al.: Rare variants in specific lysosomal genes are associated with Parkinson's disease. Mov. Disord. 35, 1245-1248 (2020)
Kishore, A.* et al.: Understanding the role of genetic variability in LRRK2 in Indian population. Mov. Disord. 34, 496-505 (2019)
Kübler, D.* et al.: Widespread microglial activation in multiple system atrophy. Mov. Disord. 34, 564-568 (2019)
Salminen, A.V. et al.: Reply to: A note on rotigotine for restless legs syndrome after renal transplantation. Mov. Disord. 34, 152-153 (2019)
Salminen, A.V. et al.: Reply to: Safety of dopamine agonists for treating restless legs syndrome. Mov. Disord. 34, 150-151 (2019)
Riedhammer, K.M.* ; Leszinski, G.S.* ; Andres, S. ; Strobl-Wildemann, G.* & Wagner, M.: First replication that biallelic variants in FITM2 cause a complex deafness-dystonia syndrome. Mov. Disord. 33, 1665-1666 (2018)
Winkelmann, J. et al.: Treatment of restless legs syndrome: Evidence-based review and implications for clinical practice (Revised 2017)§. Mov. Disord. 33, 1077-1091 (2018)
Meles, S.K.* et al.: FDG PET, dopamine transporter SPECT, and olfaction: Combining biomarkers in REM sleep behavior disorder. Mov. Disord. 32, 1482-1486 (2017)
Trenkwalder, C.* et al.: Ferric carboxymaltose in patients with restless legs syndrome and nonanemic iron deficiency: A randomized trial. Mov. Disord. 32, 1478-1482 (2017)
Vill, K.* et al.: A homozygous splice variant in AP4S1 mimicking neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation. Mov. Disord. 32, 797-799 (2017)
Zech, M. et al.: KMT2B rare missense variants in generalized dystonia. Mov. Disord. 32, 1087-1091 (2017)
Jochim, A.* ; Zech, M. ; Gora-Stahlberg, G.* ; Winkelmann, J. & Haslinger, B.*: The clinical phenotype of early-onset isolated dystonia caused by recessive COL6A3 mutations (DYT27). Mov. Disord. 31, 747-750 (2016)
Zech, M. et al.: Clinical exome sequencing in early-onset generalized dystonia and large-scale resequencing follow-up. Mov. Disord. 32, 549-559 (2016)
Nalls, M.A.* et al.: Genetic risk and age in Parkinson's disease: Continuum not stratum. Mov. Disord. 30, 850-854 (2015)
Witoelar, A.W.* et al.: Genome wide pleiotropic study in 144,701 subjects reveals shared genetic variants between Parkinson's disease and immune-mediated diseases. Mov. Disord. 30, S412 (2015)
Zech, M. ; Castrop, F.* ; Haslinger, B.* & Winkelmann, J.: Reply to letter: Novel compound heterozygous mutations in PRKRA cause pure dystonia. Mov. Disord. 30, 878–879 (2015)
Zech, M. et al.: TOR1A, THAP1, and GNAL mutational screening in Austrian patients with primary isolated dystonia. Mov. Disord. 30, 1853–1854 (2015)
Zech, M. et al.: Rare sequence variants in ANO3 and GNAL in a primary torsion dystonia series and controls. Mov. Disord. 29, 143-147 (2014)
Zech, M. et al.: DYT16 revisited: Exome sequencing identifies PRKRA mutations in a European dystonia family. Mov. Disord. 29, 1504-1510 (2014)
Brockmann, K.* et al.: SNCA: Major genetic modifier of age at onset of Parkinson's disease. Mov. Disord. 28, 1217-1221 (2013)