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Pawliczek, D. et al.: On the nature of murine radiation-induced subcapsular cataracts: Optical coherence tomography-based fine classification, in vivo dynamics and impact on visual acuity. Radiat. Res. 197, 7-21 (2022)
Barnard, S.G.R.* et al.: Radiation-induced DNA damage and repair in lens epithelial cells of both Ptch1(+/-) and Ercc2(+/-) mutated mice. Radiat. Res. 197, 36-42 (2021)
Garrett, L. et al.: Complex long-term effects of radiation on adult mouse behaviour. Radiat. Res. 197, 67-77 (2021)
Hu, A.* et al.: A computational model for oxygen depletion hypothesis in FLASH effect. Radiat. Res., DOI: 10.1667/RADE-20-00260.1 (2021)
McCarron, R.A.* et al.: Radiation-induced lens opacity and cataractogenesis: A lifetime study using mice of varying genetic backgrounds. Radiat. Res. 197, 57-66 (2021)
Waldner, L.* et al.: The 2019-2020 EURADOS WG10 and RENEB field test of retrospective dosimetry methods in a small-scale incident involving ionizing radiation. Radiat. Res. 195, 253-264 (2021)
Ostheim, P.* et al.: Identifying a diagnostic window for the use of gene expression profiling to predict acute radiation syndrome. Radiat. Res. 195, 38-46 (2020)
Schuemann, J.* et al.: A new standard DNA damage (SDD) data format. Radiat. Res. 191, 76-92 (2019)
Agbenyegah, S.* et al.: Impact of inter-individual variance in the expression of a radiation-responsive gene panel used for triage. Radiat. Res. 190, 226-235 (2018)
Siragusa, M.* et al.: The COOLER code: A novel analytical approach to calculate subcellular energy deposition by internal electron emitters. Radiat. Res. 188, 204-220 (2017)
Abend, M.* et al.: Examining radiation-induced in vivo and in vitro gene expression changes of the peripheral blood in different laboratories for biodosimetry purposes: First RENEB gene expression study. Radiat. Res. 185, 109-123 (2016)
Hauptmann, M.* et al.: Differential response and priming dose effect on the proteome of human fibroblast and stem cells induced by exposure to low doses of ionizing radiation. Radiat. Res. 185, 299-312 (2016)
Abend, M.* et al.: Association of radiation-induced genes with noncancer chronic diseases in Mayak workers occupationally exposed to prolonged radiation. Radiat. Res. 183, 249-261 (2015)
Ebrahimian, T.G.* et al.: Chronic gamma-irradiation induces a dose-rate-dependent pro-inflammatory response and associated loss of function in human umbilical vein endothelial cells. Radiat. Res. 183, 447-454 (2015)
Abend, M.* et al.: Independent validation of candidate genes identified after a whole genome screening on Mayak workers exposed to prolonged occupational radiation. Radiat. Res. 182, 299-309 (2014)
Alloni, D.* ; Cutaia, C.* ; Mariotti, L.* ; Friedland, W. & Ottolenghi, A.*: Modeling dose deposition and DNA damage due to low-energy β- emitters. Radiat. Res. 182, 322-330 (2014)
Walsh, L.* et al.: A framework for estimating radiation-related cancer risks in Japan from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident. Radiat. Res. 182, 556-572 (2014)
Alloni, D.* ; Campa, A.* ; Friedland, W. ; Mariotti, L.* & Ottolenghi, A.*: Integration of Monte Carlo simulations with PFGE experimental data yields constant RBE of 2.3 for DNA double-strand break induction by nitrogen ions between 125 and 225 keV/μm LET. Radiat. Res. 179, 690-697 (2013)
Badie, C.* et al.: Laboratory intercomparison of gene expression assays. Radiat. Res. 180, 138-148 (2013)
Beinke, C.* et al.: Laboratory intercomparison of the dicentric chromosome analysis assay. Radiat. Res. 180, 129-137 (2013)