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Kellerer, C.* et al.: COPD maintenance medication is linked to left atrial size: Results from the COSYCONET cohort. Respir. Med. 185:106461 (2021)
Kahnert, K.* et al.: Relationship between clinical and radiological signs of bronchiectasis in COPD patients: Results from COSYCONET. Respir. Med. 172:106117 (2020)
Kirchberger, I. et al.: The lived experience with pulmonary embolism: A qualitative study using focus groups. Respir. Med. 167:105978 (2020)
Kirsch, F. et al.: Effect of BMI on health care expenditures stratified by COPD GOLD severity grades: Results from the LQ-DMP study. Respir. Med. 175:106194 (2020)
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Kahnert, K.* et al.: The revised GOLD 2017 COPD categorization in relation to comorbidities. Respir. Med. 134, 79-85 (2018)
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Burns, J.* et al.: Asthma prevalence in Olympic summer athletes and the general population: An analysis of three European countries. Respir. Med. 109, 813-820 (2015)
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Koch, B.* et al.: Lung function reference values in different German populations. Respir. Med. 105, 352-362 (2011)
Meyer, T.* et al.: Effects of formoterol and tiotropium bromide on mucus clearance in patients with COPD. Respir. Med. 105, 900-906 (2011)