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Kurz, C.F. ; Maier, W. & Rink, C.*: A greedy stacking algorithm for model ensembling and domain weighting. BMC Res. Notes 13:70 (2020)
Francalacci, P.* et al.: Detection of phylogenetically informative polymorphisms in the entire euchromatic portion of human Y chromosome from a Sardinian sample. BMC Res. Notes 8:177 (2015)
Kurz, C.* et al.: Acute transverse myelitis and psoriasiform dermatitis associated with Sjoegren's syndrome: A case report. BMC Res. Notes 7:580 (2014)
Müller, A.* et al.: The extracellular N-terminal domain of G-protein coupled receptor 83 regulates signaling properties and is an intramolecular inverse agonist. BMC Res. Notes 7:913 (2014)
Flaquer, A. & Strauch, K.: A comparison of different linkage statistics in small to moderate sized pedigrees with complex diseases. BMC Res. Notes 5:411 (2012)
Taudien, S.* et al.: Sequencing of BAC pools by different next generation sequencing platforms and strategies. BMC Res. Notes 4:411 (2011)
Eisenhofer, S. et al.: A mathematical model of mitochondrial swelling. BMC Res. Notes 3:67 (2010)
Brown, J.* et al.: Observational study on variability between biobanks in the estimation of DNA concentration. BMC Res. Notes 2:208 (2009)