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Duong, N.T.* et al.: Cockayne syndrome without UV-sensitivity in Vietnamese siblings with novel ERCC8 variants. Aging 14, 5299-5310 (2022)
von Falkenhausen, A.S.* et al.: Common electrocardiogram measures are not associated with telomere length. Aging 14, 5620-5627 (2022)
Breen, M.* et al.: Accelerated epigenetic aging as a risk factor for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and decreased lung function in two prospective cohort studies. Aging 12, 16539-16554 (2020)
Colicino, E.* et al.: Blood DNA methylation sites predict death risk in a longitudinal study of 12,300 individuals. Aging 12, 14092-14124 (2020)
Štambuk, J.* et al.: Global variability of the human IgG glycome. Aging 12, 15222-15259 (2020)
Fiorito, G.* et al.: Socioeconomic position, lifestyle habits and biomarkers of epigenetic aging: A multi-cohort analysis. Aging 11, 2045-2070 (2019)
Prange, R.* et al.: A Drosophila model of cigarette smoke induced COPD identifies Nrf2 signaling as an expedient target for intervention. Aging 10, 2122-2135 (2018)
Terlecki-Zaniewicz, L.* et al.: Small extracellular vesicles and their miRNA cargo are anti-apoptotic members of the senescence-associated secretory phenotype. Aging 10, 1103-1132 (2018)
Chen, B.H.* et al.: DNA methylation-based measures of biological age: Meta-analysis predicting time to death. Aging 8, 1844-1865 (2016)
Zierer, J. et al.: Metabolomics profiling reveals novel markers for leukocyte telomere length. Aging 8, 77-94 (2016)
Caniard, A. et al.: Proteasome function is not impaired in healthy aging of the lung. Aging 7, 776-792 (2015)
Waldera-Lupa, D.M.* et al.: Proteome-wide analysis reveals an age-associated cellular phenotype of in situ aged human fibroblasts. Aging 6, 856-878 (2014)
Coutu, D.L. & Galipeau, J.*: Roles of FGF signaling in stem cell self-renewal, senescence and aging. Aging 3, 920-933 (2011)
Khan, M.A. & Lie, D.C.: MicroRNA - a contributor to age-associated neural stem cell dysfunction? Aging 3, 182-183 (2011)