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Abuhattum, S.* et al.: Adipose cells and tissues soften with lipid accumulation while in diabetes adipose tissue stiffens. Sci. Rep. 12:10325 (2022)
Atasoy, S. et al.: Gender specific somatic symptom burden and mortality risk in the general population. Sci. Rep. 12:15049 (2022)
Biller, A.M.* ; Molenda, C.* ; Zerbini, G.* ; Roenneberg, T.* & Winnebeck, E.C.: Sleep improvements on days with later school starts persist after 1 year in a flexible start system. Sci. Rep. 12:2787 (2022)
Biller, A.M.* et al.: A 4-year longitudinal study investigating the relationship between flexible school starts and grades. Sci. Rep. 12:3178 (2022)
Burek, K.* et al.: Night work, chronotype and cortisol at awakening in female hospital employees. Sci. Rep. 12:6525 (2022)
Dehlke, K.* et al.: Predicting liver regeneration following major resection. Sci. Rep. 12:13396 (2022)
Fritz, C.* ; Dorigatti, E. & Rügamer, D.*: Combining graph neural networks and spatio-temporal disease models to improve the prediction of weekly COVID-19 cases in Germany. Sci. Rep. 12:3930 (2022)
Jones, A. et al.: Characterization of SARS-CoV-2 replication complex elongation and proofreading activity. Sci. Rep. 12:9593 (2022)
Kahnert, K.* et al.: Reduced decline of lung diffusing capacity in COPD patients with diabetes and metformin treatment. Sci. Rep. 12:1435 (2022)
Kart, T.* et al.: Automated imaging-based abdominal organ segmentation and quality control in 20,000 participants of the UK Biobank and German National Cohort Studies. Sci. Rep. 12:18733 (2022)
Klein-Rodewald, T. et al.: New C3H KitN824K/WT cancer mouse model develops late-onset malignant mammary tumors with high penetrance. Sci. Rep. 12:19793 (2022)
Kraiger, M.J. et al.: Monitoring longitudinal disease progression in a novel murine Kit tumor model using high-field MRI. Sci. Rep. 12:14608 (2022)
Kuchenbaecker, K.* et al.: Insights into the genetic architecture of haematological traits from deep phenotyping and whole-genome sequencing for two Mediterranean isolated populations. Sci. Rep. 12:1131 (2022)
Kundrát, P. et al.: Anatomy-dependent lung doses from 3D-conformal breast-cancer radiotherapy. Sci. Rep. 12:10909 (2022)
Marr, L.* et al.: Predictive value of clinical and 18F-FDG-PET/CT derived imaging parameters in patients undergoing neoadjuvant chemoradiation for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. Sci. Rep. 12:7148 (2022)
Metzing, U.B.* et al.: Endoplasmic reticulum stress and the unfolded protein response in skeletal muscle of subjects suffering from peritoneal sepsis. Sci. Rep. 12:504 (2022)
Mistry, M.N.* et al.: Comparison of weather station and climate reanalysis data for modelling temperature-related mortality. Sci. Rep. 12:5178 (2022)
Napolitano, V.* et al.: Small molecule mediated inhibition of protein cargo recognition by peroxisomal transport receptor PEX5 is toxic to Trypanosoma. Sci. Rep. 12:14705 (2022)
Oquendo, M.B.* et al.: Effects of adrenergic-stimulated lipolysis and cytokine production on in vitro mouse adipose tissue-islet interactions. Sci. Rep. 12:15831 (2022)
Pieczonka, S. et al.: Author Correction: Archeochemistry reveals the first steps into modern industrial brewing. Sci. Rep. 12:14813 (2022)