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Abd Elkader, M.M ; Shinonaga, T. & Sherif, M.M.*: Radiological hazard assessments of radionuclides in building materials, soils and sands from the Gaza Strip and the north of Sinai Peninsula. Sci. Rep. 11:23251 (2021)
Afshari, P. ; Zakian Dominguez, C.M. ; Bachmann, J.* & Ntziachristos, V.: Speckle reduction in ultrasound endoscopy using refraction based elevational angular compounding. Sci. Rep. 11:18370 (2021)
Ali, Z. ; Zakian Dominguez, C.M. & Ntziachristos, V.: Ultra-broadband axicon transducer for optoacoustic endoscopy. Sci. Rep. 11:1654 (2021)
Amann, U. ; Heier, M. ; Thilo, C.* ; Linseisen, J. & Meisinger, C.: Determinants of prehospital coronary heart disease death. Sci. Rep. 11:17134 (2021)
Beckers, A.* et al.: The highly conserved FOXJ1 target CFAP161 is dispensable for motile ciliary function in mouse and Xenopus. Sci. Rep. 11:13333 (2021)
Belousov, K.I.* et al.: An asymmetric flow-focusing droplet generator promotes rapid mixing of reagents. Sci. Rep. 11:8797 (2021)
Berger, M. et al.: Molecular characterization of sequence-driven peptide glycation. Sci. Rep. 11:13294 (2021)
Bien, J.* ; Yan, X.* ; Simpson, L. & Müller, C.: Tree-aggregated predictive modeling of microbiome data. Sci. Rep. 11:14505 (2021)
Borkowski, K.* et al.: Serum metabolomic biomarkers of perceptual speed in cognitively normal and mildly impaired subjects with fasting state stratification. Sci. Rep. 11:18964 (2021)
Borm, K.J.* et al.: Impact of CBCT frequency on target coverage and dose to the organs at risk in adjuvant breast cancer radiotherapy. Sci. Rep. 11:17378 (2021)
Brydges, C.R.* et al.: Indoxyl sulfate, a gut microbiome-derived uremic toxin, is associated with psychic anxiety and its functional magnetic resonance imaging-based neurologic signature. Sci. Rep. 11:21011 (2021)
Dutta, S.* et al.: Identification and functional characterization of two bamboo FD gene homologs having contrasting effects on shoot growth and flowering. Sci. Rep. 11:7849 (2021)
Escala-Garcia, M.* et al.: Germline variants and breast cancer survival in patients with distant metastases at primary breast cancer diagnosis. Sci. Rep. 11:19787 (2021)
Esteve-Codina, A.* et al.: Gender specific airway gene expression in COPD sub-phenotypes supports a role of mitochondria and of different types of leukocytes. Sci. Rep. 11:12848 (2021)
Fernández-Remolar, D.C.* et al.: Unveiling microbial preservation under hyperacidic and oxidizing conditions in the Oligocene Rio Tinto deposit. Sci. Rep. 11:21543 (2021)
Feuerherd, M. et al.: A proof of concept study for the differentiation of SARS-CoV-2, hCoV-NL63, and IAV-H1N1 in vitro cultures using ion mobility spectrometry. Sci. Rep. 11:20143 (2021)
Fleischer, T.* et al.: The relation between childhood adversity and adult obesity in a population-based study in women and men. Sci. Rep. 11:14068 (2021)
Gebresilase, T.* et al.: Replication of HLA class II locus association with susceptibility to podoconiosis in three Ethiopian ethnic groups. Sci. Rep. 11:3285 (2021)
Grosu, S.* et al.: Associated factors of white matter hyperintensity volume: A machine-learning approach. Sci. Rep. 11:2325 (2021)
Hummel, J. et al.: Free fatty acids, glicentin and glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide as potential major determinants of fasting substrate oxidation. Sci. Rep. 11:16642 (2021)