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Fischer, A.W.* et al.: Lysosomal lipoprotein processing in endothelial cells stimulates adipose tissue thermogenic adaptation. Cell Metab., DOI: 10.1016/j.cmet.2020.12.001 (2021)
Sinnott-Armstrong, N.* et al.: A regulatory variant at 3q21.1 confers an increased pleiotropic risk for hyperglycemia and altered bone mineral density. Cell Metab. 33, 615-628.e13 (2021)
Zhang, Q. et al.: The glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) regulates body weight and food intake via CNS-GIPR signaling. Cell Metab. 33, 833-844.e5 (2021)
Bartelt, A. & Weber, C.*: Mitochondrial ejection for cardiac protection: The Macrophage Connection. Cell Metab. 32, 512-513 (2020)
Berland, C. et al.: Circulating triglycerides gate dopamine-associated behaviors through DRD2-expressing neurons. Cell Metab. 31, 773-790 (2020)
Dalenberg, J.R.* et al.: Short-term consumption of sucralose with, but not without, carbohydrate impairs neural and metabolic sensitivity to sugar in humans. Cell Metab. 31, 493-502 (2020)
Jastroch, M.* ; Ussar, S. & Keipert, S.*: Gut microbes controlling blood sugar: No fire required! Cell Metab. 31, 443-444 (2020)
Marenne, G.* et al.: Exome sequencing identifies genes and gene sets contributing to severe childhood obesity, linking PHIP variants to repressed POMC transcription. Cell Metab. 31, 1107-1119 (2020)
Rohm, M. & Herzig, S.: An antibody attack against body wasting in cancer. Cell Metab. 32, 331-333 (2020)
Zheng, J. & Conrad, M.: The metabolic underpinnings of ferroptosis. Cell Metab. 32, 920-937 (2020)
Norheim, F.* et al.: Gene-by-sex interactions in mitochondrial functions and cardio-metabolic traits. Cell Metab. 29, 932-949.e4 (2019)
Ntziachristos, V. ; Pleitez, M.A. ; Aime, S.* & Brindle, K.M.*: Emerging technologies to image tissue metabolism. Cell Metab. 29, 518-538 (2019)
Sacco, F.* et al.: Phosphoproteomics reveals the GSK3-PDX1 axis as a key pathogenic signaling node in diabetic islets. Cell Metab. 29, 1422-1432.e3 (2019)
Lu, T.T.* et al.: The polycomb-dependent epigenome controls beta cell dysfunction, dedifferentiation, and diabetes. Cell Metab. 27, 1294-1308.e7 (2018)
Moraru, A.* et al.: Elevated levels of the reactive metabolite methylglyoxal recapitulate progression of type 2 diabetes. Cell Metab. 27, 926-934.e8 (2018)
Reber, J. et al.: Non-invasive measurement of brown fat metabolism based on optoacoustic imaging of hemoglobin gradients. Cell Metab. 27, 689-701.e4 (2018)
Sustarsic, E.G.* et al.: Cardiolipin synthesis in brown and beige fat mitochondria is essential for systemic energy homeostasis. Cell Metab. 28, 159-+ (2018)
Aichler, M. et al.: N-acyl taurines and acylcarnitines cause an imbalance in insulin synthesis and secretion provoking β cell dysfunction in type 2 diabetes. Cell Metab. 25, 1334-1347.e4 (2017)
Frias, J.P.* et al.: The sustained effects of a dual GIP/GLP-1 receptor agonist, NNC0090-2746, in patients with type 2 diabetes. Cell Metab. 26, 343-352.e2 (2017)
Kälin, S. et al.: A Stat6/Pten axis links regulatory T cells with adipose tissue function. Cell Metab. 26, 475-492.e7 (2017)