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Hoeper, M.M.* et al.: Prognostic value of improvement endpoints in pulmonary arterial hypertension trials: A COMPERA analysis. J. Heart Lung Transpl., DOI: 10.1016/j.healun.2022.03.011 (2022)
Liu, H.* et al.: Prolonged cold ischemia and indirect alloimmunity are fundamental for the development of chronic lung allograft dysfunction. J. Heart Lung Transpl. 41, S311-S311 (2022)
Nathan, S.D.* et al.: Impact of lung morphology on clinical outcomes with riociguat in patients with pulmonary hypertension and idiopathic interstitial pneumonia: A post hoc subgroup analysis of the RISE-IIP study. J. Heart Lung Transpl. 40, 494-503 (2021)
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Liu, H.* et al.: Rapid activation of pro-lymphangiogenic phenotype and consequent increase of lymphatic density occurs during the development of chronic lung allograft dysfunction. J. Heart Lung Transpl. 39, S22 (2020)
Morrone, C. et al.: Regulation of cysteine-protease activity prevents graft dysfunction during ischemia-lung reperfusion. J. Heart Lung Transpl. 39, S356-S357 (2020)
Morrone, C. et al.: Elevetad cysteine-protease activity in bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome. J. Heart Lung Transpl. 38, S250-S250 (2019)
Götzfried, J. et al.: Preservation with alpha(1)-antitrypsin improves primary graft function of murine lung transplants. J. Heart Lung Transpl. 37, 1021-1028 (2018)
Leuschner, G.* et al.: Outcome of lung transplantation in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis with previous anti-fibrotic therapy. J. Heart Lung Transpl. 37, 268-274 (2018)
Gall, H.* et al.: The Giessen Pulmonary Hypertension Registry: Survival in pulmonary hypertension subgroups. J. Heart Lung Transpl. 36, 957-967 (2017)
Vogl, M. et al.: Lung transplantation in the spotlight: Reasons for high-cost procedures. J. Heart Lung Transpl. 35, 1227-1236 (2016)
Überfuhr, P.* et al.: Heart Transplantation : An Approach to Treating Primary Cardiac Sarcoma ?. J. Heart Lung Transpl. 21, 1135-1139 (2002)