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Badpa, M. et al.: Association of long-term environmental exposures in pregnancy and early life with islet autoimmunity development in children in Bavaria, Germany. Environ. Res. 212:113503 (2022)
Candeias, J. et al.: The priming effect of diesel exhaust on native pollen exposure at the air-liquid interface. Environ. Res. 211:112968 (2022)
Grimalt, J.O.* ; Garí, M. ; Santa-Marina, L.* ; Ibarluzea, J.* & Sunyer, J.*: Influence of gestational weight gain on the organochlorine pollution content of breast milk. Environ. Res. 209:112783 (2022)
Holliday, K.M.* et al.: Gaseous air pollutants and DNA methylation in a methylome-wide association study of an ethnically and environmentally diverse population of U.S. adults. Environ. Res. 212:113360 (2022)
Rooney, J.P.K.* et al.: Blood lead levels in 2018/2019 compared to 1987/1988 in the German population-based KORA study. Environ. Res. 215:114184 (2022)
Zhao, T. et al.: Ambient ozone exposure and bone turnover markers in children: Results from the GINIplus and LISA birth cohorts. Environ. Res. 214:113784 (2022)
Bose-O'Reilly, S.* et al.: COVID-19 and heat waves: New challenges for healthcare systems. Environ. Res. 198:111153 (2021)
Feng, X.* et al.: Green space quality and adolescent mental health: Do personality traits matter? Environ. Res. 206:112591 (2021)
Garí, M. et al.: Prenatal exposure to neurotoxic metals and micronutrients and neurodevelopmental outcomes in early school age children from Poland. Environ. Res. 204:112049 (2021)
Halonen, J.I.* et al.: A call for urgent action to safeguard our planet and our health in line with the helsinki declaration. Environ. Res. 193:110600 (2021)
Hvidtfeldt, U.A.* et al.: Long-term exposure to fine particle elemental components and lung cancer incidence in the ELAPSE pooled cohort. Environ. Res. 193:110568 (2021)
Hyytiäinen, H.* et al.: Microbial diversity in homes and the risk of allergic rhinitis and inhalant atopy in two European birth cohorts. Environ. Res. 196:110835 (2021)
Lin, J. et al.: Association of green space with bone mineral density change and incident fracture in elderly Hong Kong Chinese: Mr. OS and Ms. OS study. Environ. Res. 201:111547 (2021)
Urban, A.* et al.: Evaluation of the ERA5 reanalysis-based Universal Thermal Climate Index on mortality data in Europe. Environ. Res. 198:111227 (2021)
Deering, K.* et al.: Exposure assessment of toxic metals and organochlorine pesticides among employees of a natural history museum. Environ. Res. 184:109271 (2020)
Liu, K.* et al.: The role of influenza vaccination in mitigating the adverse impact of ambient air pollution on lung function in children: New insights from the Seven Northeastern Cities Study in China. Environ. Res. 187:109624 (2020)
Markevych, I. et al.: Residing near allergenic trees can increase risk of allergies later in life: LISA Leipzig study. Environ. Res. 191:110132 (2020)
Oteros, J. et al.: An operational robotic pollen monitoring network based on automatic image recognition. Environ. Res. 191:110031 (2020)
Padoan, S. et al.: Organic molecular markers and source contributions in a polluted municipality of north-east Italy: Extended PCA-PMF statistical approach. Environ. Res. 186:109587 (2020)
Rönkkö, T.J.* et al.: Air quality intervention during the Nanjing youth olympic games altered PM sources, chemical composition, and toxicological responses. Environ. Res. 185:109360 (2020)