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Kresoja, K.P.* et al.: Proteomics to improve phenotyping in obese patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. Eur. J. Heart Fail. 23, 1633-1644 (2021)
Luchner, A.* et al.: Long-term pattern of brain natriuretic peptide and N-terminal pro brain natriuretic peptide and its determinants in the general population: Contribution of age, gender, and cardiac and extra-cardiac factors. Eur. J. Heart Fail. 15, 859-867 (2013)
von Lukowicz, T.* et al.: BNP as a marker dysfunction in the general population: Importance of left ventricular hypertrophy. Eur. J. Heart Fail. 7, 525-531 (2005)