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Brunetti, G.* et al.: Nanotechnological immunoassay for rapid label-free analysis of candidate malaria vaccines. Nanoscale 13, 2338-2349 (2021)
Yang, L. ; Kuang, H.* ; Zhang, W.* ; Wei, H.* & Xu, H.*: Quantum dots cause acute systemic toxicity in lactating rats and growth restriction of offspring. Nanoscale 10, 11564-11577 (2018)
van Rijt, S.H. et al.: Applicability of avidin protein coated mesoporous silica nanoparticles as drug carriers in the lung. Nanoscale 8, 8058-8069 (2016)
Conde, J.* et al.: RNAi-based glyconanoparticles trigger apoptotic pathways for in vitro and in vivo enhanced cancer-cell killing. Nanoscale 7, 9083-9091 (2015)
Taruttis, A. et al.: siRNA liposome-gold nanorod vectors for multispectral optoacoustic tomography theranostics. Nanoscale 6, 13451-13456 (2014)