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Andrén Aronsson, C.* et al.: 25(OH)D levels in infancy is associated with celiac disease autoimmunity in at-risk children: A case-control study. Front. Nutr. 8:720041 (2021)
Paeschke, S.* et al.: Leptin receptor-deficient db/db mice show significant heterogeneity in response to high non-heme iron diet. Front. Nutr. 8:741249 (2021)
Brandl, B.* et al.: A phenotyping latform to characterize healthy individuals across four stages of life - the enable study. Front. Nutr. 7:582387 (2020)
Rychlik, M.* & Schmitt-Kopplin, P.: Reading from the crystal ball: The laws of Moore and Kurzweil applied to mass spectrometry in food analysis. Front. Nutr. 7:9 (2020)
Mitry, P. et al.: Usual dietary intake estimation based on a combination of repeated 24-h food lists and a food frequency questionnaire in the KORA FF4 Cross-Sectional Study. Front. Nutr. 6:145 (2019)
Fischer, K. et al.: The pentapeptide RM-131 promotes food intake and adiposity in wildtype mice but not in mice lacking the ghrelin receptor. Front. Nutr. 1:31 (2015)