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Hohberger, B.* et al.: Retinal microcirculation as a correlate of a systemic capillary impairment after severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus 2 infection. Front. Med. 8:676554 (2021)
Onursal, C. ; Dick, E. ; Angelidis, I. ; Schiller, H. B. & Staab-Weijnitz, C.A.: Collagen biosynthesis, processing, and maturation in lung ageing. Front. Med. 8:593874 (2021)
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Leuschner, G. et al.: Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in elderly patients: Analysis of the INSIGHTS-IPF Observational Study. Front. Med. 7:601279 (2020)
Meiners, S. & Lehmann, M.: Senescent cells in IPF: Locked in repair? Front. Med. 7:606330 (2020)
Hilgendorff, A. & O'Reilly, M.A.*: Bronchopulmonary dysplasia early changes leading to long-term consequences. Front. Med. 2:2 (2015)