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Michel, S.* et al.: Merging genomics and transcriptomics for predicting fusarium head blight resistance in wheat. Genes 12:114 (2021)
Rathkolb, B. et al.: Distinct morphological and behavioural alterations in ENU-induced heterozygous Trpc7K810stop mutant mice. Genes 12:1732 (2021)
Frankó, A. et al.: Characterization of hormone-dependent pathways in six human prostate-cancer cell lines: A gene-expression study. Genes 11:1174 (2020)
Marchal, C.* ; Haberer, G. ; Spannagl, M. & Uauy, C.*: Comparative genomics and functional studies of wheat BED-NLR loci. Genes 11:E1406 (2020)
Borland, K.* et al.: Production and application of stable isotope-labeled internal standards for RNA modification analysis. Genes 10:26 (2019)
Velkov, S. ; Ott, J.J.* ; Protzer, U. & Michler, T.: The global hepatitis B virus genotype distribution approximated from available genotyping data. Genes 9:495 (2018)
Rosenberger, A.* et al.: Heritability of radiation response in lung cancer families. Genes 3, 248-260 (2012)
Klymenko, S.V.* et al.: Allelic imbalances in radiation-associated acute myeloid leukemia. Genes 2, 384-393 (2011)
Weier, H.-U. G.* et al.: Delineating chromosomal breakpoints in radiation-induced papillary thyroid cancer. Genes 2, 397-419 (2011)
Bauer, V.L. et al.: Establishment and molecular cytogenetic characterization of a cell culture model of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). Genes 1, 388-412 (2010)