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Yin, K. et al.: Senescence-induced endothelial phenotypes underpin immune-mediated senescence surveillance. Genes Dev. 36, 533-549 (2022)
Antonio Urrutia, G.* et al.: ZFP451-mediated SUMOylation of SATB2 drives embryonic stem cell differentiation. Genes Dev. 35, 1142-1160 (2021)
Hermant, C. & Torres-Padilla, M.E.: TFs for TEs: The transcription factor repertoire of mammalian transposable elements. Genes Dev. 35, 22-39 (2021)
Ignatova, V.V. et al.: The rRNA m6A methyltransferase METTL5 is involved in pluripotency and developmental programs. Genes Dev. 34, 715-729 (2020)
Venkatesh, D.* et al.: MDM2 and MDMX promote ferroptosis by PPARα-mediated lipid remodeling. Genes Dev. 34, 526-543 (2020)
Arongaus, A.B.* et al.: Arabidopsis RUP2 represses UVR8-mediated flowering in noninductive photoperiods. Genes Dev. 32, 1332-1343 (2018)
Conrad, M. et al.: Regulation of lipid peroxidation and ferroptosis in diverse species. Genes Dev. 32, 602-619 (2018)
Borsos, M. & Torres-Padilla, M.E.: Building up the nucleus: Nuclear organization in the establishment of totipotency and pluripotency during mammalian development. Genes Dev. 30, 611-621 (2016)
Eid, A.* ; Rodriguez-Terrones, D. ; Burton, A. & Torres-Padilla, M.E.: SUV4-20 activity in the preimplantation mouse embryo controls timely replication. Genes Dev. 30, 2513-2526 (2016)
Ramesh, V. et al.: Loss of Uhrf1 in neural stem cells leads to activation of retroviral elements and delayed neurodegeneration. Genes Dev. 30, 2199-2212 (2016)
Loedige, I.* et al.: The NHL domain of BRAT is an RNA-binding domain that directly contacts the hunchback mRNA for regulation. Genes Dev. 28, 749-764 (2014)
Ghamari, A.* et al.: In vivo live imaging of RNA polymerase II transcription factories in primary cells. Genes Dev. 27, 767-777 (2013)
Yang, S.* et al.: Pancreatic cancers require autophagy for tumor growth. Genes Dev. 25, 717-729 (2011)
Egea, J.* et al.: Genetic ablation of FLRT3 reveals a novel morphogenetic function for the anterior visceral endoderm in suppressing mesoderm differentiation. Genes Dev. 22, 3349-3362 (2008)
Linder, B.* et al.: CHD4/Mi-2 beta activity is required for the positioning of the mesoderm/neuroectoderm boundary in Xenopus Genes Dev. 21, 973-983 (2007)
Kassel, O.* et al.: A nuclear isoform of the focal adhesion LIM-domain protein Trip6 integrates activating and repressing signals at AP-1- and NK-kB-regulated promoters. Genes Dev. 18, 2518-2528 (2004)
Paffenholz, R.* & Heinzmann, U.: Vestibular defects in head-tilt mice result from mutations in Nox3, encoding an NADPH oxidase. Genes Dev. 18, 1-6 (2004)
Fitch, K.R.* et al.: Genetics of dark skin in mice. Genes Dev. 17, 214-228 (2003)
Bally-Cuif, L. ; Goutel, C.* ; Wassef, M.* ; Wurst, W. & Rosa, F.*: Coregulation of anterior and posterior mesendodermal development by a hairy-related transcriptional repressor. Genes Dev. 14, 1664-1677 (2000)
Kimmel, R.A.* et al.: Two lineage boundaries coordinate vertebrate apical ectodermal ridge formation. Genes Dev. 14, 1377-1389 (2000)