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Di Giosia, M.* et al.: A bio-conjugated fullerene as a subcellular-targeted and multifaceted phototheranostic agent. Adv. Func. Mat. 31:2101527 (2021)
Doryab, A. et al.: A biomimetic, copolymeric membrane for cell-stretch experiments with pulmonary epithelial cells at the air-liquid interface. Adv. Func. Mat., DOI: 10.1002/adfm.202004707 (2020)
Doryab, A. et al.: Evolution of bioengineered lung models: Recent advances and challenges in tissue mimicry for studying the role of mechanical forces in cell biology. Adv. Func. Mat. 29:1903114 (2019)
Rogalla, S.* et al.: Biodegradable fluorescent nanoparticles for endoscopic detection of colorectal carcinogenesis. Adv. Func. Mat. 29:1904992 (2019)
Duro-Castano, A.* et al.: In vivo imaging of MMP-13 activity using a specific polymer-FRET peptide conjugate detects early osteoarthritis and inhibitor efficacy. Adv. Func. Mat. 28:1802738 (2018)
Massner, C. et al.: Genetically controlled lysosomal entrapment of superparamagnetic ferritin for multimodal and multiscale imaging and actuation with low tissue attenuation. Adv. Func. Mat. 28:1706793 (2018)
Johnston, B.D. et al.: Colloidal stability and surface chemistry are key factors for the composition of the protein corona of inorganic gold nanoparticles. Adv. Func. Mat. 27:1701956 (2017)