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Port, M.* et al.: Software tools for the evaluation of clinical signs and symptoms in the medical management of acute radiation syndrome-a five-year experience. Health Phys. 120, 400-409 (2021)
López, M.A.* et al.: Measurements and Monte Carlo simulations of Am-241 activities in three skull phantoms: EURADOS-USTUR collaboration. Health Phys. 117, 193-201 (2019)
Ahmed, E.A.* ; Rosemann, M. & Scherthan, H.*: NHEJ contributes to the fast repair of radiation-induced DNA double-strand breaks at late Prophase I telomeres. Health Phys. 115, 102-107 (2018)
Majewski, M.* ; Combs, S.E. ; Trott, K.* ; Abend, M.* & Port, M.*: Successful teaching of radiobiology students in the medical management of acute radiation effects from real case histories using clinical signs and symptoms and taking advantage of recently developed software tools. Health Phys. 115, 49-56 (2018)
Hoover, M.D.* et al.: Application of an informatics-based decision-making framework and process to the assessment of radiation safety in nanotechnology. Health Phys. 108, 179-194 (2015)
Kerr, G.D.* et al.: Workshop report on atomic bomb dosimetry: Review of dose related factors for the evaluation of exposures to residual radiation at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Health Phys. 109, 582-600 (2015)
Li, C.* et al.: Counting 241Am in the BfS human skull phantom on contact - evaluation in the human monitoring laboratory. Health Phys. 108, 380-382 (2015)
Abend, M.* et al.: Gene expression analysis in Mayak workers with prolonged occupational radiation exposure. Health Phys. 106, 664-676 (2014)
Ainsbury, E.A.* et al.: Multibiodose radiation emergency triage categorization software. Health Phys. 107, 83-89 (2014)
Kerr, G.D.* et al.: Workshop report on atomic bomb dosimetry-RESIDUAL radiation exposure: Recent research and suggestions for future studies. Health Phys. 105, 140-149 (2013)
Kramer, G.H.* ; López, M.A.* ; Broggio, D.* ; Tolmachev, S.* & Rühm, W.: Natural vs. artificial anthropometric phantoms for measuring bone-seeking radionuclides. Reply to Spitz et al. Health Phys. 102, 354-355 (2012)
Kramer, G.H.* et al.: Comparison of two leg phantoms containing 241Am in bone. Health Phys. 101, 248-258 (2011)
Li, W.B. ; Greiter, M. ; Oeh, U. & Hoeschen, C.: Reliability of a new biokinetic model of zirconium in internal dosimetry: Part II, parameter sensitivity analysis. Health Phys. 101, 677-692 (2011)
Li, W.B. ; Greiter, M. ; Oeh, U. & Hoeschen, C.: Reliability of a new biokinetic model of zirconium in internal dosimetry: Part I, parameter uncertainty analysis. Health Phys. 101, 660-676 (2011)
Beinke, C.* ; Braselmann, H. & Meineke, V.*: Establishment of an X-ray standard calibration curve by conventional dicentric analysis as prerequisite for accurate radiation dose assessment. Health Phys. 98, 261-268 (2010)
Breustedt, B.* et al.: The CONRAD approach to biokinetic modeling of DTPA decorporation therapy. Health Phys. 99, 547-552 (2010)
Li, W.B. et al.: Impact on ¹⁴¹Ce, ¹⁴⁴Ce, ⁹⁵Zr, and ⁹⁰Sr beta emitter dose coefficients of photon and electron SAFs calculated with ICRP/ICRU reference adult voxel computational phantoms. Health Phys. 99, 503-510 (2010)
Li, W.B. et al.: A compartmental model of uranium in human hair for protracted ingestion of natural uranium in drinking water. Health Phys. 96, 636-645 (2009)
Chen, J.* & Mares, V.: Estimate of doses to the fetus during commercial flights. Health Phys. 95, 407-412 (2008)