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Makarawate, P.* et al.: Common and rare susceptibility genetic variants predisposing to Brugada syndrome in Thailand. Heart Rhythm 17, 2145-2153 (2020)
Calvillo, L.* et al.: Propranolol prevents life-threatening arrhythmias in LQT3 transgenic mice: Implications for the clinical management of LQT3 patients. Heart Rhythm 11, 126-132 (2014)
Lemaitre, R.N.* et al.: Common variation in fatty acid metabolic genes and risk of incident sudden cardiac arrest. Heart Rhythm 11, 471-477 (2014)
Savastano, S.* et al.: A comprehensive electrocardiographic, molecular and echocardiographic study of the Brugada Syndrome: Validation of the 2013 diagnostic criteria. Heart Rhythm 11, 1176-1183 (2014)
Hennessey, J.A.* et al.: FGF12 is a candidate Brugada syndrome locus. Heart Rhythm 10, 1886-1894 (2013)
Crotti, L.: Gene expression and arrhythmic risk. Heart Rhythm 9, 1097-1098 (2012)
Crotti, L. et al.: Torsades de pointes following acute myocardial infarction: Evidence for a deadly link with a common genetic variant. Heart Rhythm 9, 1104-1112 (2012)
Crotti, L. & Schwartz, P.J.*: When genetic screening for your patient with long QT syndrome comes back negative, don't always take a no for a no. Heart Rhythm 9, 1983-1985 (2012)
Hu, D.* et al.: A novel rare variant in SCN1Bb linked to Brugada syndrome and SIDS by combined modulation of Nav1.5 and Kv4.3 channel currents. Heart Rhythm 9, 760-769 (2012)
Sinner, M.F.* et al.: A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies of the electrocardiographic early repolarization pattern. Heart Rhythm 9, 1627-1634 (2012)
Sinner, M.F.* et al.: Lack of replication in polymorphisms reported to be associated with atrial fibrillation. Heart Rhythm 8, 403-409 (2011)
Hinterseer, M.* et al.: Beat-to-beat variability of QT intervals is increased in drug-induced and congenital long-QT syndromes. Heart Rhythm 3, Suppl.1, S269-S270 (2006)