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Wittek, F. et al.: Arabidopsis ENHANCED DISEASE SUSCEPTIBILITY1 promotes systemic acquired resistance via azelaic acid and its precursor 9-oxo nonanoic acid. J. Exp. Bot. 65, 5919-5931 (2014)
Jochner, S.* et al.: Nutrient status: A missing factor in phenological and pollen research? J. Exp. Bot. 64, 2081-2092 (2013)
Yin, R. et al.: Feedback inhibition of the general phenylpropanoid and flavonol biosynthetic pathways upon a compromised flavonol-3-O-glycosylation. J. Exp. Bot. 63, 2465-2478 (2012)
Kanter, U. ; Hauser, A.R. ; Michalke, B. ; Dräxl, S.J. & Schäffner, A.: Caesium and strontium accumulation in shoots of Arabidopsis thaliana: Genetic and physiological aspects. J. Exp. Bot. 61, 3995-4009 (2010)
Palmieri, M.C. et al.: Nitric oxide-responsive genes and promoters in Arabidopsis thaliana: A bioinformatics approach. J. Exp. Bot. 59, 177-186 (2008)
Bellin, D.* ; Schulz, B.* ; Soerensen, T.R.* ; Salamini, F.* & Schneider, K.: Transcript profiles at different growth stages and tap-root zones identify correlated developmental and metabolic pathways of sugar beet. J. Exp. Bot. 58, 699-715 (2007)
Abanda-Nkpwatt, D.* ; Müsch, M. ; Tschiersch, J. ; Boettner, M.* & Schwab, W.*: Molecular interaction between Methylobacterium extorquens and seedling: Growth promotion, methanol consumption and localization of the methanol emission site. J. Exp. Bot. 57, 4025-4032 (2006)
Grün, S. ; Lindermayr, C. ; Sell, S. & Durner, J.: Nitric oxide and gene regulation in plants. J. Exp. Bot. 57, 507-516 (2006)
Zhu, C. ; Schraut, D.* ; Hartung, W.* & Schäffner, A.: Differential responses of maize MIP genes to salt stress and ABA. J. Exp. Bot. 56, 2971-2981 (2005)
Grams, T.E.E. & Thiel, S.: High light-induced switch from C3-photosynthesis to Crassulacean acid metabolism is mediated by UV-A/blue light. J. Exp. Bot. 53, 1475-1483 (2002)
Baiges, I.* ; Schäffner, A. & Mas, A.*: Eight cDNA encoding putative aquaporins in Vitis hybrid Richter-110 and their differential expression. J. Exp. Bot. 52, 1949-1951 (2001)
Vranova, E.* ; Langebartels, C. ; van Montagu, M.* ; Inzé, D.* & van Camp, W.*: Oxidative stress, heat shock and drought differentially affect expression of a tobacco protein phosphatase 2C1. J. Exp. Bot. 51, 1763-1764 (2000)
Haque, A.U. ; Weisgerber, I. & Klein, W.: Absorption, efflux, and metabolism of the herbicide [14C]Buturon as affected by plant nutrition. J. Exp. Bot. 28, 468-479 (1977)