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Fayeulle, A.* ; Veignie, E.* ; Schroll, R. ; Munch, J.C.* & Rafin, C.*: PAH biodegradation by telluric saprotrophic fungi isolated from aged PAH-contaminated soils in mineral medium and historically contaminated soil microcosms. J. Soils Sediments 19, 3056-3067 (2019)
Shchegolikhina, A.* ; Schulz, S. & Marschner, B.*: Interacting effects of cation saturation and drying, freezing, or aging on the extractability of nonylphenol and phenanthrene from a sandy soil. J. Soils Sediments 12, 1280-1291 (2012)
Khalvati, M. ; Bartha, B. ; Dupigny, A.* & Schröder, P.: Arbuscular mycorrhizal association is beneficial for growth and detoxification of xenobiotics of barley under drought stress. J. Soils Sediments 10, 54-64 (2010)
Mench, M.* et al.: Successes and limitations of phytotechnologies at field scale: Outcomes, assessment and outlook from COST Action 859. J. Soils Sediments 10, 1039-1070 (2010)
Philippot, L.* et al.: Soil microbial diversity: An ISO standard for soil DNA extraction. J. Soils Sediments 10, 1344-1345 (2010)
Golan-Goldhirsh, A.* et al.: Plant response to heavy metals and organic pollutants in cell culture and at whole plant level. J. Soils Sediments 4, 133-140 (2004)
Schröder, P. ; Huber, B. & Munch, J.-C.: Making modern agriculture sustainable: FAM research network on agroecosystems. J. Soils Sediments 3, 223-226 (2003)
Schröder, P. & Hartmann, A.: New developments in rhizosphere research. J. Soils Sediments 3, 227 (2003)
Jontofsohn, M. et al.: Bacterial community structure in lake sediments of microcosms contaminated with nonylphenol. J. Soils Sediments 2, 211-215 (2002)