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Puk, O. ; Hrabě de Angelis, M. & Graw, J.: Lens density tracking in mice by Scheimpflug imaging. Mamm. Genome 24, 295-302 (2013)
Sun, M. et al.: Crybb2 coding for βB2-crystallin affects sensorimotor gating and hippocampal function. Mamm. Genome 24, 333-348 (2013)
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Sabrautzki, S. et al.: New mouse models for metabolic bone diseases generated by genome-wide ENU mutagenesis. Mamm. Genome 23, 416-430 (2012)
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Puk, O. ; Dalke, C. ; Favor, J. ; Hrabě de Angelis, M. & Graw, J.: Variations of eye size parameters among different strains of mice. Mamm. Genome 17, 851-857 (2006)