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Biebl, M.M.* et al.: NudC guides client transfer between the Hsp40/70 and Hsp90 chaperone systems. Mol. Cell 82, 555-569.e7 (2022)
Rodriguez, R.* ; Schreiber, S.L.* & Conrad, M.: Persister cancer cells: Iron addiction and vulnerability to ferroptosis. Mol. Cell 82, 728-740 (2022)
Gjaltema, R.A.F.* et al.: Distal and proximal cis-regulatory elements sense X chromosome dosage and developmental state at the Xist locus. Mol. Cell 82, 190-208.e17 (2021)
Santos-Rosa, H.* et al.: Methylation of histone H3 at lysine 37 by Set1 and Set2 prevents spurious DNA replication. Mol. Cell 81, 2793-2807.e8 (2021)
Schöller, E.* et al.: Balancing of mitochondrial translation through METTL8-mediated m3C modification of mitochondrial tRNAs. Mol. Cell 81, 4810-4825.e12 (2021)
Skalska, L.* et al.: Nascent RNA antagonizes the interaction of a set of regulatory proteins with chromatin. Mol. Cell 81, 2944-2959.e10 (2021)
Swaffer, M.P.* et al.: Transcriptional and chromatin-based partitioning mechanisms uncouple protein scaling from cell size. Mol. Cell 81, 4861-4875.e7 (2021)
Bheda, P. et al.: Single-cell tracing dissects regulation of maintenance and inheritance of transcriptional reinduction memory. Mol. Cell 78, 915-925 (2020)
Boxer, L.D.* et al.: MeCP2 represses the rate of transcriptional initiation of highly methylated long genes. Mol. Cell 77, 294-309.e9 (2020)
Minina, E.A.* et al.: Classification and nomenclature of metacaspases and paracaspases: No more confusion with caspases. Mol. Cell 77, 927-929 (2020)
Reinking, H.K.* et al.: DNA structure-specific cleavage of DNA-protein crosslinks by the SPRTN protease. Mol. Cell 80, 102-113.e6 (2020)
Meydan, S.* et al.: Retapamulin-assisted ribosome profiling reveals the alternative bacterial proteome. Mol. Cell 74, 481-493.e6 (2019)
Modic, M. et al.: Cross-regulation between TDP-43 and paraspeckles promotes pluripotency-differentiation transition. Mol. Cell 74, 951-965.e13 (2019)
Quagliarini, F. et al.: Cistromic reprogramming of the diurnal glucocorticoid hormone response by high-fat diet. Mol. Cell 76, 531-545.e5 (2019)
Schopf, F.H.* et al.: The co-chaperone Cnsl and the recruiter protein Hgh1 Link Hsp90 to translation elongation via chaperoning elongation factor 2. Mol. Cell 74, 73-87.e8 (2019)
Foster, B. et al.: Critical role of the UBL domain in stimulating the E3 ubiquitin ligase activity of UHRF1 toward chromatin. Mol. Cell 72, 739-752 (2018)
Shah, N. et al.: Tyrosine-1 of RNA polymerase II CTD controls global termination of gene transcription in mammals. Mol. Cell 69, 48-61.e6 (2018)
Sharma, P.* et al.: Arginine citrullination at the C-terminal domain controls RNA polymerase II transcription. Mol. Cell 73, 84-96 (2018)
Arduino, D.M. et al.: Systematic identification of MCU modulators by orthogonal Iiterspecies chemical screening. Mol. Cell 67, 711-723.e7 (2017)
Floyd, B.J.* et al.: Mitochondrial protein interaction mapping identifies regulators of respiratory chain function. Mol. Cell 63, 621-632 (2016)