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Schüller, R. et al.: Heptad-specific phosphorylation of RNA polymerase II CTD. Mol. Cell 61, 305-314 (2016)
Avci, D.* et al.: The yeast ER-intramembrane protease Ypf1 refines nutrient sensing by regulating transporter abundance. Mol. Cell 56, 630-640 (2014)
Lorenz, O.R.* et al.: Modulation of the Hsp90 chaperone cycle by a stringent client protein. Mol. Cell 53, 941-953 (2014)
Lee, J.H.* et al.: HIV Nef, paxillin, and Pak1/2 regulate activation and secretion of TACE/ADAM10 proteases. Mol. Cell 49, 668-679 (2013)
Müller-Rischart, A.K.* et al.: The E3 ligase Parkin maintains mitochondrial integrity by increasing linear ubiquitination of NEMO. Mol. Cell 49, 908-921 (2013)
Padeken, J.* et al.: The nucleoplasmin homolog NLP mediates centromere clustering and anchoring to the nucleolus. Mol. Cell 50, 236-249 (2013)
Damgaard, R.B.* et al.: The ubiquitin ligase XIAP recruits LUBAC for NOD2 signaling in inflammation and innate immunity. Mol. Cell 46, 746-758 (2012)
Schubert, T.* et al.: Df31 protein and snoRNAs maintain accessible higher-order structures of chromatin. Mol. Cell 48, 434-444 (2012)
Tavanez, J.P.* ; Madl, T. ; Kooshapur, H. ; Sattler, M. & Valcárcel, J.*: hnRNP A1 proofreads 3' splice site recognition by U2AF. Mol. Cell 45, 314-329 (2012)
Bhushan, S.* et al.: Structural basis for translational stalling by human cytomegalovirus and fungal arginine attenuator peptide. Mol. Cell 40, 138-146 (2010)
Akhtar, M.S.* et al.: TFIIH kinase places bivalent marks on the carboxy-terminal domain of RNA polymerase II.. Mol. Cell 34, 387-393 (2009)
Wyce, A.* et al.: H2B ubiquitylation acts as a barrier to Ctk1 nucleosomal recruitment prior to removal by Ubp8 within a SAGA-related complex. Mol. Cell 27, 275-288 (2007)
Wegener, E. et al.: Essential role for I kappa B kinase beta in remodeling Carma1-Bcl10-Malt1 complexes upon T cell activation Mol. Cell 23, 13-23 (2006)
Yoshimura, M.* et al.: Vertebrate POLQ and POLß cooperate in base excision repair of oxidative DNA damage. Mol. Cell 24, 115-125 (2006)
Bourbon, H.-M.* & Meisterernst, M.: A unified nomenclature for protein subunits of mediator complexes linking transcriptional regulators to RNA polymerase II. Mol. Cell 14, 553-557 (2004)
Kliche, S.* et al.: Signaling by Human Herpesvirus 8 kaposin A through Direct Membrane Recruitment of cytohesin-1. Mol. Cell 7, 833-843 (2001)