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Gehrmann, M.* et al.: Tumor imaging and targeting potential of an Hsp70-derived 14-Mer peptide. PLoS ONE 9:e105344 (2014)
Gschwendtner, S. et al.: Climate change induces shifts in abundance and activity pattern of bacteria and archaea catalyzing major transformation steps in nitrogen turnover in a soil from a Mid-European beech forest. PLoS ONE 9:e114278 (2014)
Heimesaat, M.M.* et al.: Helicobacter pylori induced gastric immunopathology is associated with distinct microbiota changes in the large intestines of long-term infected Mongolian gerbils. PLoS ONE 9:e100362 (2014)
Helfer, M. et al.: The root extract of the medicinal plant Pelargonium sidoides is a potent HIV-1 attachment inhibitor. PLoS ONE 9:e87487 (2014)
Horsch, M. et al.: Uromodulin retention in thick ascending limb of Henle's loop affects SCD1 in neighboring proximal tubule: Renal transcriptome studies in mouse models of uromodulin-associated kidney disease. PLoS ONE 9:e113125 (2014)
Iuso, A. et al.: Impairment of Drosophila orthologs of the human orphan protein c19orf12 induces bang sensitivity and neurodegeneration. PLoS ONE 9:e89439 (2014)
Janke, H. et al.: Activating FLT3 mutants show distinct gain-of-function phenotypes in vitro and a characteristic signaling pathway profile associated with prognosis in acute myeloid leukemia. PLoS ONE 9:e89560 (2014)
Kaiser, J.C. ; Meckbach, R. & Jacob, P.: Genomic instability and radiation risk in molecular pathways to colon cancer. PLoS ONE 9:e111024 (2014)
Karp, N.A.* et al.: Impact of temporal variation on design and analysis of mouse knockout phenotyping studies. PLoS ONE 9:e111239 (2014)
Kaufmann, S.* & Frishman, D.: Analysis of micro-rearrangements in 25 eukaryotic species pairs by SyntenyMapper. PLoS ONE 9:e112341 (2014)
Kempf, S.J. et al.: Ionising radiation immediately impairs synaptic plasticity-associated cytoskeletal signalling pathways in HT22 cells and in mouse brain: An in vitro/in vivo comparison study. PLoS ONE 9:e110464 (2014)
Khan, S.* et al.: MicroRNA related polymorphisms and breast cancer risk. PLoS ONE 9:e109973 (2014)
Kneipp, M. et al.: Functional real-time optoacoustic imaging of middle cerebral artery occlusion in mice. PLoS ONE 9:e96118 (2014)
Knoll, N.* et al.: Mitochondrial DNA variants in obesity. PLoS ONE 9:e94882 (2014)
Kraus, P.* et al.: Pleiotropic functions for transcription factor Zscan10. PLoS ONE 9:e104568 (2014)
Kremb, S. et al.: Aqueous extracts of the marine brown alga Lobophora variegata inhibit HIV-1 infection at the level of virus entry into cells. PLoS ONE 9:e103895 (2014)
Lamina, C.* et al.: A systematic evaluation of short tandem repeats in lipid candidate genes: Riding on the SNP-wave. PLoS ONE 9:e102113 (2014)
Lutz, S.Z. et al.: Common genetic variation in the human CTF1 locus, encoding cardiotrophin-1, determines insulin sensitivity. PLoS ONE 9:e100391 (2014)
Maier, W. et al.: Area level deprivation is an independent determinant of prevalent type 2 diabetes and obesity at the national level in Germany. Results from the national telephone health interview surveys 'German Health Update' GEDA 2009 and 2010. PLoS ONE 9:e89661 (2014)
Meier, F. et al.: FGF/FGFR2 signaling regulates the generation and correct positioning of Bergmann glia cells in the developing mouse cerebellum. PLoS ONE 9:e101124 (2014)