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Aftahy, A.K.* et al.: The bigger the better? Analysis of surgical complications and outcome of the retrosigmoid approach in 449 oncological cases. Front. Oncol. 12:938703 (2022)
Schneider, M. et al.: The chaperone protein GRP78 promotes survival and migration of head and neck cancer after direct radiation exposure and extracellular vesicle-transfer. Front. Oncol. 12:842418 (2022)
Kalla, D.* et al.: The missing link: Cre pigs for cancer research. Front. Oncol. 11:755746 (2021)
Kirste, S.* et al.: Combining 68Ga-PSMA-PET/CT-directed and elective radiation therapy improves outcome in oligorecurrent prostate cancer: A retrospective multicenter study. Front. Oncol. 11:640467 (2021)
Li, Z.* et al.: Various uses of PD1/PD-L1 inhibitor in oncology: Opportunities and challenges. Front. Oncol. 11:771335 (2021)
Mcharo, R.* et al.: HPV type distribution in HIV positive and negative women with or without cervical dysplasia or cancer in East Africa. Front. Oncol. 11:763717 (2021)
Orth, M.* et al.: Inhibition of HSP90 as a strategy to radiosensitize glioblastoma: Targeting the DNA damage response and beyond. Front. Oncol. 11:612354 (2021)
Vogel, M.M. et al.: Feasibility and outcome of PSMA-PET-based dose-escalated salvage radiotherapy versus conventional salvage radiotherapy for patients with recurrent prostate cancer. Front. Oncol. 11:715020 (2021)
Volk, V.* et al.: PD-1 blockade aggravates Epstein–Barr Virus+ post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder in humanized mice resulting in central nervous system involvement and CD4+ T cell dysregulations. Front. Oncol. 10:614876 (2021)
Wang, H.* et al.: A simulated dosimetric study of contribution to radiotherapy accuracy by fractional image guidance protocol of Halcyon system. Front. Oncol. 10:543147 (2021)
Zhao, B.* et al.: AUCseg: An automatically unsupervised clustering toolbox for 3D-segmentation of high-grade gliomas in multi-parametric MR images. Front. Oncol. 11:679952 (2021)
Bergmann, N.* et al.: The intratumoral heterogeneity reflects the intertumoral subtypes of glioblastoma multiforme: A regional immunohistochemistry analysis. Front. Oncol. 10:494 (2020)
Fischbeck, A. et al.: Tumor lactic acidosis: Protecting tumor by inhibiting cytotoxic activity through motility arrest and bioenergetic silencing. Front. Oncol. 10:589434 (2020)
Huang, Y.* et al.: A preliminary simulation study of dose-guided adaptive radiotherapy based on Halcyon MV cone beam CT images with retrospective data from a phase II clinical trial. Front. Oncol. 10:574889 (2020)
Jansen, L.* et al.: Area-based socioeconomic inequalities in colorectal cancer survival in Germany: Investigation based on population-based clinical cancer registration. Front. Oncol. 10:857 (2020)
Wu, F.* et al.: Emerging landscapes of tumor immunity and metabolism. Front. Oncol. 10:575037 (2020)
Bao, X. et al.: Immune landscape of invasive ductal carcinoma tumor microenvironment identifies a prognostic and immunotherapeutically relevant gene signature. Front. Oncol. 9:903 (2019)
Mycielska, M.E.* et al.: Potential use of gluconate in cancer therapy. Front. Oncol. 9:522 (2019)
van Zyl, D.G.* ; Mautner, J. & Delecluse, H.-J.*: Progress in EBV vaccines. Front. Oncol. 9:104 (2019)
Gabryś, H.S.* ; Buettner, F. ; Sterzing, F.* ; Hauswald, H.* & Bangert, M.*: Design and selection of machine learning methods using radiomics and dosiomics for normal tissue complication probability modeling of xerostomia. Front. Oncol. 8:35 (2018)