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Freysoldt, B. et al.: Cotargeting of PIM, PI3K and Mtor in Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL). Blood 126:5120 (2015)
Garz, A.-K.* et al.: Azacitidine in combination with the selective FLT3 kinase inhibitor crenolanib effectively disrupts stromal protection of CD34+Leukemia-Initiating Cells (LIC) in FLT3-ITD+ Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Blood 126 (2015)
Hofer, T.P. et al.: Slan-defined subsets of CD16-positive monocytes: Impact of granulomatous inflammation and M-CSF-receptor mutation. Blood 126, 2601-2610 (2015)
Huffman, J.E.* et al.: Rare and low-frequency variants and their association with plasma levels of fibrinogen, FVII, FVIII, and vWF. Blood 126, e19-e29 (2015)
Köhnke, T. et al.: Improved detection of minimal residual disease by flow cytometry in AML by combining manual gating and visne clustering. Blood 126:2593 (2015)
Krupka, C. et al.: Identifying immune resistance mechanisms to CD33/CD3 BiTE® antibody construct (AMG 330) mediated cytotoxicity. Blood 126:3677 (2015)
Murakami, M.A.* et al.: Proxe: A public repository of xenografts to facilitate studies of biology and expedite preclinical drug development in leukemia and lymphoma. Blood 126:3252 (2015)
Reiter, K. et al.: Tyrosin kinase inhibition restores the membrane localization of FLT3-ITD. Blood 126 (2015)
Yu, X.* et al.: Antigen-armed antibodies targeting B lymphoma cells effectively activate antigen-specific CD4+ T cells. Blood 125, 1601-1610 (2015)
Bigalke, I.* et al.: Vaccination with a new generation of fast dendritic cells transfected with mRNA from hTERT, survivin and autologous tumor mount strong immune responses and prolong survival. Blood 124 (2014)
Boettcher, S.* et al.: Endothelial cells translate pathogen signals into G-CSF-driven emergency granulopoiesis. Blood 124, 1393-1403 (2014)
Bruns, H.* et al.: Vitamin D-dependent induction of cathelicidin in human macrophages results in cytotoxicity against high grade B-cell lymphoma. Blood 124 (2014)
Calvo-Vidal, N.* et al.: Hsp90 at the hub of metabolic homeostasis in malignant B cells. Blood 124 (2014)
Dutta, S. et al.: Analysis of the tissue-specific expression requirements and identification of cooperating mutations for leukemogenesis in an inducible CALM/AF10 knock-in mouse model. Blood 124 (2014)
Hartmann, L. et al.: Genetic evolution of Cytogenetically Normal Acute Myeloid Leukemia (CN-AML) during therapy and relapse: An exome sequencing study of 47 cases. Blood 124 (2014)
Herold, T. et al.: Isolated trisomy 13 defines a genetically homogenous AML subgroup with high frequency of mutations in spliceosome genes and poor prognosis. Blood 124, 1304-1311 (2014)
Hoellein, A.* et al.: Myc commands an aurora kinase - sumoylation circuit required for B cell lymphoma growth and survival. Blood 124 (2014)
Hutter, G. et al.: Combination of PI3K and PDPK1 inhibitors is highly effective in mantle cell lymphoma. Blood 124 (2014)
Jeremias, I. et al.: Bioluminescence in vivo imaging improves the model of individual patients' AML cells growing in mice for sensitive and reliable preclinical treatment trials on various genetic subgroups. Blood 124 (2014)
Jost, P.J.* et al.: A mouse model for XLP-2 disease uncovers a critical function for IL-1beta and TNF in driving hyper-inflammation. Blood 124 (2014)