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Anastasov, N. et al.: Identification of compounds modifying radiation-therapy using a 3D-microtissue technology. Cancer Res. 73:5528 (2013)
Driessen, W.H.P.* et al.: Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography (MSOT) imaging and quantification of apoptosis in vivo. Cancer Res. 73:737 (2013)
Ehrhardt, H. ; Wachter, F. ; Grunert, M. & Jeremias, I.: TRAIL induces apoptosis preferentially in cell cycle arrested tumor cells, e.g., in tumor cells from children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia upon knockdown of cyclinE. Cancer Res. 73:3326 (2013)
Gondi, G. et al.: Antitumor efficacy of a monoclonal antibody that inhibits the activity of cancer-associated carbonic anhydrase XII. Cancer Res. 73, 6494-6503 (2013)
González-Vasconcellos, I.M. et al.: Rb1 haploinsufficiency promotes telomere attrition and radiation-induced genomic instability. Cancer Res. 73, 4247-4255 (2013)
Hauer, K.* et al.: DKK2 mediates osteolysis, invasiveness and metastatic spread in Ewing sarcoma. Cancer Res. 73, 967-977 (2013)
Nolte, E.* et al.: miR-24 influences proliferation of prostate cancer cells in vitro via targeting ZNF217. Cancer Res. 73:9030 (2013)
Seibold, P.* et al.: Enterolactone levels and prognosis after invasive postmenopausal breast cancer: Potential effect modifiers. Cancer Res. 73:115 (2013)
Zhao, Y.* et al.: Aspirin decreases side population cells by targeting the Wnt pathway in esophageal cancer cells in vitro and enhances the combination chemotherapeutic effect of 5-FU and cisplatin in vivo. Cancer Res. 73:3717 (2013)
Eissler, N. ; Ruf, P.* ; Mysliwietz, J. ; Lindhofer, H.* & Mocikat, R.: Trifunctional bispecific antibodies induce tumor-specific T cells and elicit a vaccination effect. Cancer Res. 72, 3958-3966 (2012)
Gerlach, K.* et al.: Transcription factor NFATc2 controls the emergence of colon cancer associated with IL-6-dependent colitis. Cancer Res. 72, 4340-4350 (2012)
Li, Z.* et al.: FLT-PET is superior to FDG-PET for very early response prediction in NPM-ALK-positive lymphoma treated with targeted therapy. Cancer Res. 72, 5014-5024 (2012)
Manzoor, A.A.* et al.: Overcoming limitations in nanoparticle drug delivery: Triggered, intravascular release to improve drug penetration into tumors. Cancer Res. 72, 5566-5575 (2012)
Prenzel, T.* et al.: Estrogen-dependent gene transcription in human breast cancer cells relies upon proteasome-dependent monoubiquitination of histone H2B. Cancer Res. 71, 5739-5753 (2011)
Raia, V.* et al.: Dynamic mathematical modeling of IL13-induced signaling in Hodgkin and primary mediastinal B-Cell lymphoma allows prediction of therapeutic targets. Cancer Res. 71, 693-704 (2011)
Rauch, J.* et al.: c-Myc regulates RNA splicing of the A-raf kinase and its activation of the ERK pathway. Cancer Res. 71, 4664-4674 (2011)
Mandal, P.K. et al.: Loss of thioredoxin reductase 1 renders tumors highly susceptible to pharmacologic glutathione deprivation. Cancer Res. 70, 9505-9514 (2010)
Rauch, J.* et al.: Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein H blocks MST2-mediated apoptosis in cancer cells by regulating A-Raf transcription. Cancer Res. 70, 1679-1688 (2010)
Schöllnberger, H. ; Beerenwinkel, N.* ; Hoogenveen, R.* & Vineis, P.*: Cell selection as driving force in lung and colon carcinogenesis. Cancer Res. 70, 6797-6803 (2010)
Torsvik, A.* et al.: Spontaneous malignant transformation of human mesenchymal stem cells reflects cross-contamination: Putting the research field on track - letter. Cancer Res. 70, 6393-6396 (2010)