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Münz, M.* ; Baeuerle, P.A.* & Gires, O.: The emerging role of EpCAM in cancer and stem cell signaling. Cancer Res. 69, 5627-5629 (2009)
Nappi, T.C.* et al.: Identification of Polo-like kinase 1 as a potential therapeutic target in anaplastic thyroid carcinoma. Cancer Res. 69, 1916-1923 (2009)
Røsland, G.V.* et al.: Long-term cultures of bone marrow-derived human mesenchymal stem cells frequently undergo spontaneous malignant transformation. Cancer Res. 69, 5331-5339 (2009)
Bremm, A.* et al.: Enhanced activation of epidermal growth factor receptor caused by tumor-derived E-cadherin mutations. Cancer Res. 68, 707-714 (2008)
Luscher-Firzlaff, J.* et al.: The human trithorax protein hASH2 functions as an oncoprotein. Cancer Res. 68, 749-758 (2008)
Ridpath, J.R.* et al.: Cells deficient in the FANC/BRCA pathway are hypersensitive to plasma levels of formaldehyde. Cancer Res. 67, 11117-11122 (2007)
Zimmermann, S. et al.: Reduced body size and decreased intestinal tumor rates in HDAC2-mutant mice. Cancer Res. 67, 9047-9054 (2007)
Kausche, S.* et al.: Superior antitumor in vitro responses of allogeneic matched sibling compared with autologous patient CD8plus T cells. Cancer Res. 66, 11447-11454 (2006)
Nojima, K.* ; Arakawa, H. & Buerstedde, J.-M.: Multiple repair pathways mediate tolerance to chemotherapeutic cross-linking agents in vertebrate cells. Cancer Res. 65, 11704-11711 (2005)
Zhou, X.* et al.: Diverse CD8+ T-cell responses to renal cell carcinoma antigens in patients treated with an autologous granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor gene-transduced renal tumor cell vaccine. Cancer Res. 65, 1079-1088 (2005)
Felix, K.* et al.: Moderate Hypermutability of a Transgenic lacZ Reporter Gene in Myc-Dependent Inflammation-Induced Plasma Cell Tumors in Mice. Cancer Res. 64, 530-537 (2004)
Felix, K.* et al.: Selenium deficiency abrogates inflammation-dependent plasma cell tumors in mice. Cancer Res. 64, 2910-2917 (2004)
Geigl, J.B.* et al.: Analysis of gene expression patterns and chromosomal associated with aging. Cancer Res. 64, 8550-8557 (2004)
Hermann, F.* et al.: HER-2/neu-mediated regulation of components of the MHC class I antigen-processing pathway. Cancer Res. 64, 215-220 (2004)
Mancuso, M.* et al.: Basal cell carcinoma and its development: Insights from radiation-induced tumors in Ptch1-deficient mice. Cancer Res. 64, 934-941 (2004)
Pazzaglia, S.* et al.: Modulation of patched-associated susceptibility to radiation induced tumorigenesis by genetic background. Cancer Res. 64, 3798-3806 (2004)
Bukur, J.* et al.: Functional role of human leukocyte antigen-G up-regulation in renal cell carcinoma. Cancer Res. 63, 4107-4111 (2003)
Dirmeier, U. et al.: Latent Membrane Protein 1 is Critical for Efficient Growth Transformation of Human B Cells by Epstein-Barr Virus. Cancer Res. 63, 2982-2989 (2003)
Hartmann, E.* et al.: Identification and functional analysis of tumor-infiltrating plasmacytoid dendritic cells in head and neck cancer. Cancer Res. 63, 6478-6487 (2003)
Traverso, G.* et al.: Hyper-recombination and genetic instability in BLM-deficient epithelial cells. Cancer Res. 63, 8578-8581 (2003)