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Bange, J.* et al.: Cancer Progression and Tumor Cell Motility Are Associated with the FGFR4 Arg388 Allele. Cancer Res. 62, 840-847 (2002)
Falk, C.S. ; Nößner, E. ; Weiss, E.H.* & Schendel, D.J.: Retaliation against Tumor Cells Showing Aberrant HLA Expression Using Lymphokine Activated Killer-derived T Cells1. Cancer Res. 62, 480-487 (2002)
Feuring-Buske, M. ; Frankel, A.E.* ; Alexander, R.L.* ; Gerhard, B.* & Hogge, D.E.*: A Diphtheria Toxin-Interleukin 3 Fusion Protein is Cytotoxic to Primitive Acute Myeloid Leukemia Progenitors but Spares Normal Progenitors. Cancer Res. 62, 1730-1736 (2002)
Fritz, A. et al.: Recessive Transmission of a Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Syndrome in the Rat. Cancer Res. 62, 3048-3051 (2002)
Nahta, R.* ; Iglehart, J.D.* ; Kempkes, B. & Schmidt, E.V.*: Rate-limiting Effects of Cyclin D1 in Transformation by ErbB2 Predicts Synergy between Herceptin and Flavopiridol. Cancer Res. 62, 2267-2271 (2002)
Egeter, O.* ; Mocikat, R. ; Ghoreschi, K.* ; Dieckmann, A. & Röcken, M.*: Eradication of Disseminated Lymphomas with CpG-DNA Activated T Helper Type Cells from Nontransgenic Mice. Cancer Res. 60, 1515-1520 (2000)
Salassidis, K. et al.: Translocation t(10;14)(q11.2:q22.1) fusing the kinectin to the RET gene creates a novel rearranged form (PTC8) of the RET proto-oncogene in radiation-induced childhood papillary thyroid carcinoma. Cancer Res. 60, 2786-2679 (2000)
Viluksela, M.* et al.: Liver Tumor-promoting Activity of 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD-sensitive and TCDD- resistant Rat Strains1. Cancer Res. 60, 6911-6920 (2000)
Luch, A.* et al.: The K-region trans-8,9-diol does not significantly contribute as an intermediate in the metabolic activation of dibenzo[a,l]pyrene to DNA-binding metabolites by human cytochrome P450 1A1 or 1B1. Cancer Res. 59, 4603-4609 (1999)
Mocikat, R. ; Selmayr, M. ; Thierfelder, S. & Lindhofer, H.: Trioma-based vaccination against B-cell lymphoma confers long-lasting tumor immunity. Cancer Res. 57, 2346-9 (1997)
Zeidler, R. ; Meissner, P.* ; Eissner, G. ; Lazis, S. & Hammerschmidt, W.: Rapid proliferation of B cells from adenoids in response to Epstein-Barr virus infection. Cancer Res. 56, 5610-5614 (1996)
Lang, M.* et al.: New monoclonal antibodies against the putative immunosuppressive site of retroviral p15E. Cancer Res. 54, 1831-1836 (1994)
Schultz-Hector, S. & Haghayegh, S.: β-fibroblast growth factor expression in human and murine squamous cell carcinomas and its relationship to regional endothelial cell proliferation. Cancer Res. 53, 1444-1449 (1993)
Joos, S. et al.: Mapping chromosomal breakpoints of Burkitt's t(8;14) translocations far upstream of c-myc. Cancer Res. 52, 6547-6552 (1992)
Jenke, H.-S. ; Michel, G. & Hornhardt, S.: Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) Interfere with Cellular Oncogene-Expression in Rat Liver at the Transcriptional Level. Cancer Res. (1990)
Leib-Mösch, C. et al.: Endogenous retroviral elements in human DNA. Cancer Res. 50, 17, 5636s-5642s (1990)
Petrides, P.E. ; Bock, S. ; Bovens, J. ; Hofmann, R. & Jakse, G.: Modulation of pro-EGF, pro TGF-alpha and EGF-receptor Gene Expression in Human Renal Carcinoma. Cancer Res. (1990)
Petrides, P.E. ; Bock, S.* ; Bovens, J.* ; Hofmann, R.* & Jakse, G.*: Modulation of pro-epidermal growth factor, pro-transforming growth factor α and epidermal growth factor receptor gene expression in human renal carcinomas. Cancer Res. 50, 3934-3939 (1990)
Sturm, S.A. ; Strauß, P.G. ; Adolph, S.* ; Hameister, H.* & Erfle, V.F.: Amplification and rearrangement of c-myc in radiation-induced murine osteosarcomas. Cancer Res. 50, 4146-4153 (1990)