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Jaffer, F.A.* et al.: Real-time catheter molecular sensing of inflammation in proteolytically active atherosclerosis. Circulation 118, 1802-1809 (2008)
Kääb, S.* et al.: High density tagSNP candidate gene analysis identifies I-Ks as a major modulator of genetic susceptibility to drug induced long QT syndrome. Circulation 118, 2, S884-S884 (2008)
Lieb, W.* et al.: Lack of association between the MEF2A gene and myocardial infarction. Circulation 117, 185-191 (2008)
Schunkert, H.* et al.: Repeated replication and a prospective meta-analysis of the association between chromosome 9p21.3 and coronary artery disease. Circulation 117, 1675-1684 (2008)
Schulz, C.* et al.: Chemokine fractalkine mediates leukocyte recruitment to inflammatory endothelial cells in flowing whole blood: A critical role for P-selectin expressed on activated platelets. Circulation 116, 764-773 (2007)
Hausleiter, J.* et al.: Radiation dose estimates from cardiac multislice computed tomography in daily practice: Impact of different scanning protocols on effective dose estimates. Circulation 113, 1305-1310 (2006)
Peters, A.: When a myocardial infarction comes out of the not-so-blue air. Circulation 114, 2430-2431 (2006)
Koch, W.* et al.: No replication of association between estrogen receptor alpha gene polymorphisms and susceptibility to myocardial infarction in a large sample of patients of European descent. Circulation 112, 2138-2142 (2005)
Massberg, S.* et al.: Platelet Adhesion via Glycoprotein IIb Integrin is Critical for Atheroprogression and Focal Cerebral Ischemia. Circulation 112, 1180-1188 (2005)
Meisinger, C. ; Baumert, J.J. ; Khuseyinova, N.* ; Löwel, H. & Koenig, W.*: Plasma oxidized low-density lipoprotein, a strong predictor for acute coronary heart disease events in apparently healthy, middle-aged men from the general population. Circulation 112, 651-657 (2005)
von Klot, S. et al.: Ambient Air Pollution is Associated with Increased Risk of Hospital Cardiac Readmissions of Myocardial Infarction Survivors in Five European Cities. Circulation 112, 3073-3079 (2005)
Khandoga, A.* et al.: Ultrafine particles exert prothrombotic but not inflammatory effects on the hepatic microcirculation in healthy mice in vivo. Circulation 109, 1320-1325 (2004)
Koenig, W.* ; Löwel, H. ; Baumert, J.J. & Meisinger, C.: C-reactive protein modulates risk prediction based on the framingham score: Implications for future risk assessment: Results from a large cohort study in Southern Germany. Circulation 109, 1349-1353 (2004)
Koenig, W.* ; Khuseyinova, N.* ; Löwel, H. ; Trischler, G.* & Meisinger, C.: Lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 adds to risk prediction of incident coronary events by C-reactive protein in apparently healthy middle-aged men from the general population: Results from the 14-year follow-up of a large cohort from Southern German. Circulation 110, 1903-1908 (2004)
Holmer, S.R.* et al.: Association of Polymorphisms of the Apolipoprotein(a) Gene with Lipoprotein(a) Levels and Myocardial Infarction. Circulation 107, 696-701 (2003)
Jamshidi, Y.* et al.: Peroxisome Proliferator - Activates Receptor alpha Gene Regulates Left Ventricular Growth in Response to Exercise and Hypertension. Circulation 105, 950-955 (2002)
Pekkanen, J.* et al.: Particulate Air Pollution and Risk of ST-Segment Depression During Repeated Submaximal Exercise Tests Among Subjects with Coronary Heart Disease : The Exposure and Risk Assessment for Fine and Ultrafine Particles in Ambient Air (ULTRA) Study. Circulation 106, 933-938 (2002)
Peters, A. ; Dockery, D.W.* ; Muller, J.E.* & Mittleman, M.A.*: Increased Particulate Air Pollution and the Triggering of Myocardial Infarction. Circulation 103, 2810-2815 (2001)
Kuch, B.* et al.: Body Composition and Prevalence of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy. Circulation 102, 405-410 (2000)
Schulz, C.* et al.: Endovascular irradiation from ß-Particle-Emitting gold stents results in increased neointima formation in a porcine restenosis model. Circulation 101, 1970-1975 (2000)