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Cristóvão, J.S.* et al.: The neuronal S100B protein is a calcium-tuned suppressor of amyloid-beta aggregation. Sci. Adv. 4:eaaq1702 (2018)
Juhász, A.* et al.: Genome mapping of seed-borne allergens and immunoresponsive proteins in wheat. Sci. Adv. 4:eaar8602 (2018)
Gaudry, M.J.* et al.: Inactivation of thermogenic UCP1 as a historical contingency in multiple placental mammal clades. Sci. Adv. 3:e1602878 (2017)
Gourinchas, G.* et al.: Long-range allosteric signaling in red light-regulated diguanylyl cyclases. Sci. Adv. 3:e1602498 (2017)
Andlauer, T.F.* et al.: Novel multiple sclerosis susceptibility loci implicated in epigenetic regulation. Sci. Adv. 2:e1501678 (2016)